Cotati City Council Says No to Fluoridation

Report from Fluoride-Free Sonoma County At their meeting on November 12, the Cotati City Council listened to their constituents, voting unanimously to protect the city’s residents from a proposal to add fluoridation chemicals to the drinking water supplied to Cotati by the Sonoma County Water Agency. With this vote, the Cotati City Council directed their … Continue reading “Cotati City Council Says No to Fluoridation”

Citizen Group Sues Paul Hobbs

By PAUL PAYNE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT November 26, 2013 A citizens group is suing Sebastopol winemaker Paul Hobbs and Sonoma County over a 48-acre vineyard conversion project it says was approved in violation of state environmental laws. Watertrough Children’s Alliance alleges in court papers filed Monday that Agricultural Commissioner Tony Linegar erred in issuing a permit June … Continue reading “Citizen Group Sues Paul Hobbs”

(The Difficulty of) Looking at Climate Change

By Rebecca Solnit, TomDispatch October 2013 Late last week, in the lobby of a particularly unglamorous downtown San Francisco building, a group of passionate but polite activists met with a bureaucrat who stepped forward to hear what they had to say about the fate of the Earth. The activists wanted to save the world. The … Continue reading “(The Difficulty of) Looking at Climate Change”

Why the Clean Water Act is Currently Broken

After a decade of our collective efforts to restore Clean Water Act protections to the nation’s wetlands and streams, NOW IS OUR WINDOW to move what is an historic and crucial rulemaking to reinforce the Clean Water Act. For almost 30 years following the passage of the 1972 Clean Water Act, the courts and the … Continue reading “Why the Clean Water Act is Currently Broken”

Ocean of Change

Changing chemistry of seawater poses lethal threat to marine life By Diane Dietz  The Register-Guard  Published: Sept. 22 Oregon fishermen tell stories of strange events on the Pacific Ocean that have made them shudder over the past half dozen years. The Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery on the state’s north coast watched oyster larvae die en masse … Continue reading “Ocean of Change”

River Watch Litigation Protects North Coast Wetland

Protection for Wetlands River Watch achieved substantial protection for a northcoast wetland, agreeing with Rouse Properties Inc. on a comprehensive set of steps to ensure maintenance of approximately 15 acres adjoining the Bayshore Mall in Eureka. River Watch filed litigation in 2012 alleging failure by the owners of the Mall to comply with its obligations … Continue reading “River Watch Litigation Protects North Coast Wetland”

A Fight Over Vineyards Pits Redwoods Against Red Wine

by Alastair Bland October 18, 2013 3:53 PM Environmental groups are fighting to stop the leveling of 154 acres of coastal redwoods and Douglas firs to make way for grapevines. Courtesy Friends of the Gualala River In the California wine mecca of Sonoma County, climate change is pitting redwood lovers against red wine lovers. This … Continue reading “A Fight Over Vineyards Pits Redwoods Against Red Wine”

Protecting Wetlands and Wildlife Habitat — Bypass Mayhem

A North Coast reporter faces eight years in jail. Was he being unethical, or simply doing his job? By Rachel Dovey It was 5:45am, and Will Parrish sat on a thin platform 30 feet above the ground. He was exhausted. His plywood perch rested partway up a piece of drilling equipment called a stitcher, which looks … Continue reading “Protecting Wetlands and Wildlife Habitat — Bypass Mayhem”

Report Finds “Probable” Carcinogens in Every Tap Water Sample Tested

One of the most important things you can do to stay healthy and feel good is stay hydrated. But in a world where so much of the water is contaminated by pollution or supplemented chemical treatments, it’s difficult to know where to get the best water. A report earlier this year from the Environmental Working Group found … Continue reading “Report Finds “Probable” Carcinogens in Every Tap Water Sample Tested”

Study finds steroids may persist longer in the environment than expected

University of Iowa-led research shows some drugs can partially regenerate themselves Assessing the risk posed to aquatic organisms by the discharge of certain steroids and pharmaceutical products into waterways is often based on a belief that as the compounds degrade, the ecological risks naturally decline. But there’s growing sentiment that once in the environment, some … Continue reading “Study finds steroids may persist longer in the environment than expected”