California must establish drinking water standards

Global Times-Agencies | 2013-8-8 By Agencies – Global Times A court ruling required California to set a standard to protect millions of residents from unsafe levels of a carcinogen in the state’s drinking water by the end of August. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo sided late last month with two environmental groups in … Continue reading “California must establish drinking water standards”

Offshore Fracking Uproar Grows in California In Wake of Truthout Report

Thursday, 22 August 2013 Mike Ludwig, Truthout | News In the three weeks since a Truthout investigation revealed that federal regulators have approved at least two hydraulic fracturing operations in federal waters of the Santa Barbara Channel since 2009, a state commission has launched an investigation into the practice, California lawmakers have demanded a federal … Continue reading “Offshore Fracking Uproar Grows in California In Wake of Truthout Report”

Why Oil Companies Want to Drop Acid in California

RL Miller | No, it’s not the brown acid passed around at a 1960s rock concerts. Hydrofluoric acid is the most dangerous chemical you’ve never heard of, and it’s being trucked around California’s back roads and injected into oil wells, with virtually no oversight. How bad is it? HF acid is extremely toxic; it can immediately … Continue reading “Why Oil Companies Want to Drop Acid in California”

How Pesticides Change the Environment

Universitaet Tübingen, August 16, 2013 The number of humans on the planet has almost doubled in the past 50 years — and so has global food production. As a result, the use of pesticides and their effect on humans, animals and plants have become more important. Many laboratory studies have shown that pesticides can harm … Continue reading “How Pesticides Change the Environment”

Report Finds “Probably Carcinogenic” Chemicals in All Municipal Water Samples Tested

August 21, 2013 By Dr. Mercola The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has once again released a report that should grab your attention. After analyzing water samples from 201 municipal water systems from 43 states, EWG found chemicals considered “probable human carcinogens” in every single water system they tested. The watchdog organization wants the government to … Continue reading “Report Finds “Probably Carcinogenic” Chemicals in All Municipal Water Samples Tested”

Oil Companies Frack In Coastal Waters Off California

By JASON DEAREN and ALICIA CHANG — Aug. 3, 2013 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Companies prospecting for oil off California’s coast have used hydraulic fracturing on at least a dozen occasions to force open cracks beneath the seabed, and now regulators are investigating whether the practice should require a separate permit and be subject to … Continue reading “Oil Companies Frack In Coastal Waters Off California”

Fracking on Coast Revealed

By Amanda Wallner Last week, the Associated Press reported that for several years, oil companies have been using hydraulic fracturing techniques (fracking) off the coast of California. This dangerous process combines harsh chemicals, other materials, and (usually) intense pressure to help break up rock and soil for oil and gas extraction. There are a lot … Continue reading “Fracking on Coast Revealed”

News from the Center for Biological Diversity

Exciting news: The federal government announced today it will do a major analysis of fracking risks on California’s public lands. This comes in response to a lawsuit from us and our allies, as well as an outpouring of opposition from Center for Biological Diversity activists and supporters, to the federal auction of about 2,500 acres in Monterey … Continue reading “News from the Center for Biological Diversity”

When 2 wells meet, spills can often follow

Gayathri Vaidyanathan, E&E reporter August 5, 2013 When a geyser of oil and fracking fluid spewed out of an oil well on a farmer’s field in Innisfail, Alberta, it coated 100 trees with a fine mist. About 20,000 gallons of oil and fluid collected on a snow-covered field and had to be cleaned up. The … Continue reading “When 2 wells meet, spills can often follow”

Wildlife Activity Along Creek Corridors

From the Practical Winery & Vineyard Journal BY Jodi Hilty and Adina Merenlender, Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management, University of California, Berkeley Learning how to manage agro-ecosystems to conserve natural resources and wildlife is an ongoing challenge for agriculture the world over. Agro-ecology focuses on the farm, where farming practices, land management, and restoration … Continue reading “Wildlife Activity Along Creek Corridors”