Clean Water Act Action

If you have a minute … add your voice. Below is an easy link … or find your own way to be heard. stay safe, be well.Rue Addup campaign on Clean Water For All Act. You can use this site to contact your person in Congress. This AddUp supports Representative Peter DeFazio and Representative Grace … Continue reading “Clean Water Act Action”

Responsible Water Conservation

Hi, As we’ve seen from devastating events all over the world (notably in the United States and Australia), responsible water conservation is more critical than ever to protect the planet from catastrophic droughts and wildfires. With that in mind, may I ask you to add the following list to your site, Activist Corner, which already … Continue reading “Responsible Water Conservation”

EnvironAtlas Training-Sustainable Future

As follow-up to the January EPA Tools & Resources Webinar on EnviroAtlas, EPA’s Office of Research and Development will provide a more in-depth training webinar on EnviroAtlas. Register and join the webinar. How do environmental managers and public health officials identify the benefits that local forests, parks, wetlands and other natural areas provide to their … Continue reading “EnvironAtlas Training-Sustainable Future”

Climate Resilience Bond Must Include Funds to Protect and Restore California’s Redwood Forests

Robin Carr, Landis Communications, Save the Redwoods League Redwoods play a key role in the state’s fight against climate change by storing more carbon per acre than any other forest type in the world SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (February 26, 2020) — As California lawmakers negotiate the details of a climate resilience bond to bring before … Continue reading “Climate Resilience Bond Must Include Funds to Protect and Restore California’s Redwood Forests”

Salmon Website with Current Status

The Nature Conservancy is relaunching the California Salmon Snapshots website as the State of Salmon in California website. The website still provides the most complete, updated numbers of salmon and steelhead returning to our California rivers – but the information is now presented in a more modern and easy-to-navigate interface. With data compiled from the … Continue reading “Salmon Website with Current Status”

Maui Democratic Party Resolution on Lahaina Wastewater Pollution

WHEREAS, the County of Maui’s Lahaina Wastewater Reclamation Facility has for decades used injection wells to dispose of its treated wastewater, sending millions of gallons a day of polluted water into the ocean just offshore of Kahekili Beach; and WHEREAS, peer-reviewed government and university scientific studies, as well as decades of direct kama‘āina experience, have … Continue reading “Maui Democratic Party Resolution on Lahaina Wastewater Pollution”

Toxic Rule Sign-on Letter to Protect Air/Climate Impacts

California River Watch joined dozens of other statewide environmental organizations providing comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to not gut or reduce the standards of protection for pollutants that are released into the atmosphere from coal and other steam generating sources. These releases create unhealthy levels of air pollutants and, in addition, … Continue reading “Toxic Rule Sign-on Letter to Protect Air/Climate Impacts”

Toxic Water Rule sign-on letter

Our organization, California River Watch, signed on to a letter distributed by Clean Water Action (Jennifer Clary) to the EPA to not gut protections prohibiting dumping coal ash wastewater into US waters and instead strengthening limits for scrubber sludge discharges to control bromide and other pollutants. You can review the letter below. Larry January 21, … Continue reading “Toxic Water Rule sign-on letter”

Map showing Fully Appropriated Streams

The State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights (Division) has released an interactive GIS web map for representing Fully Appropriated Stream Systems (FASS) in California. The web map provides access to FASS and related information, including seasonal limitations, court references, and Board decisions all in one place and within a geospatial context. The … Continue reading “Map showing Fully Appropriated Streams”