SR Discharges Letter

Below is an important letter from SCWA to Santa Rosa, 10/20/06. Is there a response from Santa Rosa? There are reports that this letter expressing SCWA concerns about water quality and the impacts of Santa Rosa’s wastewater discharges to the Russian River above the intake pumps for our water was withdrawn at the behest of … Continue reading “SR Discharges Letter”

SR’s Water and Wastewater Plans

Water Watchers: I’ve been extremely busy with my faire, which will thankfully be over in ten days, and I’ve neglected to keep you all posted on today’s very important BPU meeting (Thurs. At 1:30 starting in Mayor’s Conference Room and then moving to City Council Chambers). Of course it cannot be a coincidence that the … Continue reading “SR’s Water and Wastewater Plans”

Santa Rosa Creek Plan and Toxic Wastes in Water

In part, my response to the Toxics in the steam issue, was somewhat flippant. The type and levels of toxics is not news and is a serious problem – and needs to be looked at by the City and administering agencies. As far as the City of Santa Rosa goes, the City Council, at great … Continue reading “Santa Rosa Creek Plan and Toxic Wastes in Water”

Help Defend the Listing of Coho Salmon

I am asking for monetary support to help defend the listing of Coho salmon as Endangered under the California Endangered Species Act. Recently a trial court spurned a legal challenge to the listing of Coho salmon as endangered under the California Endangered Species Act – CESA.. The CESA listing for Coho is important and provides … Continue reading “Help Defend the Listing of Coho Salmon”

Waterborne Drugs A Growing Concern

By Mike Lee UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER JOHN GIBBINS / Union-Tribune Water samples from Otay are prepared for analysis at the San Diego Water Department’s water quality laboratory. At homes across San Diego, thousands of residents take medications each day for everything from Alzheimer’s disease to sexual dysfunction. But their bodies don’t absorb 100 percent of … Continue reading “Waterborne Drugs A Growing Concern”

Santa Rosa NPDES Permit Appeal and Letter by RW and CAG

See attached appeal by River Watch and Coast Action Group and letter pasted below to Santa Rosa City Council from Coast Action: Dear City Council Members: The City of Santa Rosa has filed an appeal to their new Wastewater NPDES permit. As stated previously, I think this is a mistake as the permit was quite … Continue reading “Santa Rosa NPDES Permit Appeal and Letter by RW and CAG”

Santa Rosa Water and Population

Daisy Pistey-Lyhne – Greenbelt Alliance wrote: Thought you all might be interested in reading about a recent meeting between Concerned Citizens for Santa Rosa, and Dick Dowd of the Board of Public Utilities. He mentioned some info given to him by Brenda Adelman. From: Anne Seeley, Concerned Citizens for Santa Rosa Our guest today was … Continue reading “Santa Rosa Water and Population”

Identifying A New Generation Of Byproducts From Water Disinfection

Source: American Chemical Society California scientists have identified a “new generation” of by-products of the disinfection processes used to purify drinking water at municipal water treatment plants. Such compounds, which wind up in drinking water, are termed disinfection byproducts (DBPs). The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency currently regulates some as potential health risks. Stuart W. … Continue reading “Identifying A New Generation Of Byproducts From Water Disinfection”

Preserving Clean Water by Preserving Open Space

Jane’s letter to the PD: Dear Editors, I loved the Yes on F mailer, target of Chris Coursey’s politically-based critique. In the past, preserving clean water resources may have been seen as just a side benefit of preserving undeveloped lands for parks, resource conservation, and agricultural land preservation–but I challenge Mr. Coursey to name a … Continue reading “Preserving Clean Water by Preserving Open Space”