No Oil Rigs Off Our Coast! Action, Feb. 8th

Join the resistance – ride to the rally at the only California public meeting in the beautiful coastal city of Sacramento. Spread the word – this is not a drill (yup, I did say that) Take care, don’t give up. Rue No Oil Rigs Off Our Coast! Ride With the Resistance to Rally in Sacramento … Continue reading “No Oil Rigs Off Our Coast! Action, Feb. 8th”

Bills to Protect California Coast from Off Shore Oil Drilling

To All, Senator McGuire, along with Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Senator Ricardo Lara introduced SB 834 and Assemblymember Monique Limon introduced AB 1775   identical bills that will help discourage offshore drilling by making it harder for offshore oil to be processed. See?  They do listen! Rue

Talk on Geology and Water

To All, Dr. Jane Nielson will be discussing geology and how it relates to water that will have relevance to the statewide groundwater planning. Join us for repeat of Jane Nielson’s December 11 presentation to the Sebastopol City Council’s Water subcommittee about the problems posed by the City’s 2007 Water Supply Assessment (WSA). That report … Continue reading “Talk on Geology and Water”

River Rally Hosted by River Network

To All, April 29 – May 2, 2018 | Olympic Valley, California River Rally, hosted annually by River Network, is a national conference for river and water champions. Unique in its focus on providing practical education, inspiring courage, and celebrating achievements, River Rally brings together hundreds of people from across the United States and the … Continue reading “River Rally Hosted by River Network”

Webinar on Water in the West by Water Deeply

To All, As California and other Western states begin to measure the (so far slowly) accumulating snowpack, we’re turning our attention to some of the biggest water issues that will be facing the region in 2018. What’s the fate of California WaterFix? Will California decide to allocate money to build its first big dam in … Continue reading “Webinar on Water in the West by Water Deeply”

Endocrine Disruption Fact Sheet

To All, TEDX’s one-page fact sheet, Understanding Endocrine Disruption, is a brief non-technical overview of endocrine disrupting chemicals, how we are exposed to them, and how they affect our health. It also includes tips and links to help you reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors. Who needs a fact sheet? Everyone from your congressional representative to your … Continue reading “Endocrine Disruption Fact Sheet”

EPA Tools and Resources: EnviroAtlas

To All, What is EnviroAtlas?  EnviroAtlas is a web-based decision support tool that combines maps, analysis tools, downloadable data and informational resources that states, tribes, communities and individuals can use to help inform policy and planning decisions that impact the places where people live, learn, work and play. EnviroAtlas contains two primary tools: An Interactive … Continue reading “EPA Tools and Resources: EnviroAtlas”

Deciphering dueling analyses of clean water regulations

To All, This is a short policy forum piece from Science worth reading to see the arguments fabricated by the Trump administration to overturn the 2015 Waters of the United States rule. This is the rule that addresses the reach of the Clean Water Act. How far does it extend into wetlands, if at all. … Continue reading “Deciphering dueling analyses of clean water regulations”