Declare Climate Change a Major Disaster before it’s too late!

Jorge Rebagliati started this petition to California Governor Despite Climate Change having been identified by scientists, leaders, analysts and people from all over the world as “the greatest threat to humanity and life on Earth”, actions taken to address it have been few in number and haphazard in design because Climate Change has not been … Continue reading “Declare Climate Change a Major Disaster before it’s too late!”

Good Introduction Video on the Clean Water Act

Hello, My name is Olivia Day. I’m emailing concerning your website. One of my students, Emma, came across your site while searching for environmental science and conservation sites. I’m working on a revamp of our class portal website and I’m letting the students help out with adding some new and interesting content. We are currently … Continue reading “Good Introduction Video on the Clean Water Act”

House Farm Bill Collapses Amid Republican Disarray

To All, Thank you all for responding and sending in letters and comments in support of defeating the significantly egregious language and implications in the legislative attempt to pass a kind of Farm Bill. It may be coming back soon and not any better. Watch for it. Here is a link to the article describing … Continue reading “House Farm Bill Collapses Amid Republican Disarray”

Action: Update on Farm Bill with Sample Letter

To All, The farm bill is called H.R. 2: Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018. Really bad bills like this try to sneak in with good sounding names. There is no nutrition but instead contamination. Almost everything about this bill (and it is extensive) is a wish list from the industry. We are hoping the … Continue reading “Action: Update on Farm Bill with Sample Letter”

Action: Farm Bill Allows More Pesticide Exposure

To All, The current Farm Bill allows pesticides to be sprayed on drinking water, little protections for endangered species including your children, uses chemicals banned in CA (methyl bromide), and PREMPTS ANY STATE TO MAKE THEIR OWN PESTICIDE LAWS. 5 Ways House Farm Bill Would Roll Back Protections from Pesticides By Colin O’Neil, Legislative Director … Continue reading “Action: Farm Bill Allows More Pesticide Exposure”

The Invisible Poisons: Where are They?

To All, Here is one of those serious issues that has not been adequately addressed due to the power of money in politics as well as being an invisible threat. It is past time that the issue of pesticides gets exposed, creates public outrage and forces the invisible poisons into containment. What’s on those vines? … Continue reading “The Invisible Poisons: Where are They?”

The Groundwater Resource Hub

To All, The Nature Conservancy is pleased to announce the launch of the Groundwater Resource Hub, the go-to resource on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems. Please visit for information on GDEs and for tools that can help you save time and money as you develop Groundwater Sustainability Plans. This website features: • The best available science … Continue reading “The Groundwater Resource Hub”

ACE: A California Department Of Fish And Wildlife Conservation Analysis Tool

Areas Of Conservation Emphasis (ACE) Version 3: A California Department Of Fish And Wildlife Conservation Analysis Tool All of state’s salt marshes are at risk of vanishing. Natural protectors are threatened along coast. Blame rising seas and humans, study says. Hundreds of species would be threatened; floods would worsen. By Rosanna Xia On one side, … Continue reading “ACE: A California Department Of Fish And Wildlife Conservation Analysis Tool”

Oppose California Bill AB 2545!

Riverine Concerned folks Opposing these bills is critically important. AB AB 2545 – a Bill that can have serious consequences to our rivers and streams. Please take action to oppose this Bill. This Bill removes California Department of Fish and Wildlife authority to protect aquatic resources in Class III streams (streams with a bed and … Continue reading “Oppose California Bill AB 2545!”

Harmful Forestry Bill: AB 2889

AB 2889 I have submitted a letter to the Natural Resources Committee (attached) and added sections from the Forest Practice Act (the proposed leg. language makes the review team (interagency review process noted in the Act and the Forest Practice Rules)) process + plus public comment and Calfire review impossible). After re-reading #5 in the … Continue reading “Harmful Forestry Bill: AB 2889”