Sample Action Emails to Support Clean Water Rule

Sample action emails Newsclips for sharing on social media ● EPA to scale back WOTUS definition — document ● EPA’S NEW WATER RULE WILL GUT THE CLEAN WATER ACT ● TRUMP’S ATTACK ON THE CLEAN WATER ACT WILL FUEL DESTRUCTIVE PIPELINE BOOM ● EPA to roll back protections in rewrite of Obama-era … Continue reading “Sample Action Emails to Support Clean Water Rule”

Action: Sign Petition on Climate Change

Declare Climate Change a Major Disaster before it’s Too Late This is a petition to Governor Brown to act A.S.A.P. Governor Brown, please accept leadership of this massive transformation of California to a CLIMATE CHANGE-READY STATE. This life-affirming effort will give us the greatest chance of thriving through change instead of merely surviving change. We … Continue reading “Action: Sign Petition on Climate Change”

Request for Temperatures of the Russian River

SONOMA COUNTY (KPIX 5) — The Russian River Watershed Association is asking the public to help take the temperature of water in the Russian River and its tributaries. The watershed spanning more than 1,400 miles is a popular tourist destination as well as the habitat for dozens of species. The river has gotten warmer and … Continue reading “Request for Temperatures of the Russian River”

New from Maven: Groundwater Exchange

Dear Readers, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new platform, the Groundwater Exchange, the latest website in my growing library of online resources for the water sector in the west. I hope those of you working to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act will find this a useful resource. It has been … Continue reading “New from Maven: Groundwater Exchange”

Public Comment on “Water Fix”

To All, Here is an opportunity to comment on the environmental report called the “Water Fix”.  However, it may not “fix” the water now or in time of drought but be instead a give-away to large water purveyors beside impacting fisheries along with other environmental  harms. Read the document using the link below to learn … Continue reading “Public Comment on “Water Fix””

Action to tell the EPA to ban Atrazine

To  All, Below is an appeal by the Environmental Working Group to get the EPA to ban Atrazine. Millions of Americans are at risk of drinking a toxic chemical that can turn male frogs into female frogs with viable eggs! Atrazine, produced by chemical industry giant Syngenta, is one of the most widely used pesticides … Continue reading “Action to tell the EPA to ban Atrazine”

More Protection for Rivers Sought-Senate Bill 2975

To All, The Senate passed AB 2975 by Assembly member Laura Friedman. This bill provides a mechanism for the state to include river segments in its wild and scenic river system, should the Trump administration remove them from the federal system. If you can nudge the Governor so sign this, please do it. Thanks to … Continue reading “More Protection for Rivers Sought-Senate Bill 2975”

Petition to Sign: Declare Climate Change Major Disaster

Declare Climate Change a Major Disaster before it’s too late Jorge Rebagliati started this petition to California Governor Despite Climate Change having been identified by scientists, leaders, analysts and people from all over the world as “the greatest threat to humanity and life on Earth”, actions taken to address it have been few in … Continue reading “Petition to Sign: Declare Climate Change Major Disaster”

Action to Protect Land and Water Conservation Fund

What has been described as “America’s most-important conservation program” is set to expire Sept. 30. Established in 1964, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has provided—at no cost to U.S. taxpayers—millions of dollars for conservation, land acquisition, park access, infrastructure improvements, and much more. But in December 2015 Congress struck a deal to reauthorize the LWCF … Continue reading “Action to Protect Land and Water Conservation Fund”