Meetings on the Russian’s Biological Opinion

For the full story – please visit my web site – there are several articles on this subject – you can go to the ENVIRONMENT category for the full collection. And please pass along this information so we can get many people attending these important meetings! Thank you! We have a lot of meetings … Continue reading “Meetings on the Russian’s Biological Opinion”

Jenner Headlands Finalized to Open Space in Sonoma County

Wonderful news and long sought. Thanks to our own Supervisor Reilly, the Land Trust and so many others we have a treasure preserved for all time. Now we have to go to work on protecting the rest, and connecting the headlands east. Congratulations to all of you who have worked so long and hard to … Continue reading “Jenner Headlands Finalized to Open Space in Sonoma County”

11th Annual Coho Confab on the Smith River

11th Annual Coho Confab September 26-28, 2008 on the Smith River The 11th Annual Coho Confab will be held on the South Fork of the Smith River in the far northwestern corner of California. This dynamic event is sponsored by Salmonid Restoration Federation, Trees Foundation, Smith River Alliance, Smith River Advisory Council, and Cal Trout. … Continue reading “11th Annual Coho Confab on the Smith River”

Sonoma -Mendocino Coastal Alert!–MLPA Meeting 4-22&23

Sonoma -Mendocino Coastal Alert! April 22 & 23rd – Marine Life Protection Act – Blue Ribbon Task Force Meeting– Speak up for Strong Coastal Protection as BRTF selects one of 3 proposals!! PROTECT YOUR COASTAL WATERS MLPA – BRTF to Select the North Central Coast Marine Protected Areas Tuesday-Wednesday, April 22-23, 2008 Embassy Suites Hotel … Continue reading “Sonoma -Mendocino Coastal Alert!–MLPA Meeting 4-22&23”

On Low Salmon Returns

To All, On my note (included below) to groups and individuals on the subject of low salmon returns I was properly reminded by my friend Brian Hines that the conditions for these low returns, as presented by me, failed to account for poor ocean conditions and potential global warming effects. It is true. All of … Continue reading “On Low Salmon Returns”

Important Coastal Protection Meetings

Dear Ocean supporter, (Please forward!!) This February, there are 4 important public meetings for people who care about our ocean environment and in particular our Sonoma and Mendocino Coasts! We need your help to make sure decision makers hear loud and clear that local communities support strong protection for our coastal waters! As you may … Continue reading “Important Coastal Protection Meetings”

Book: California Water II by Solano Press

I am please do let you all know that Solano Press has their new water book out – CALIFORNIA WATER II For those of use who work in water, fishery, and forestry resources, this book will be a great help – meaning we all should own a copy. From Water Rights (riparian and appropriative) to … Continue reading “Book: California Water II by Solano Press”

On the Water Board’s Sediment Control Plan

Daniel: You comments are spot on – and – appreciated. I am copying them to other concerned parties that might make use of them. Thank you. Anderson is correct. It will be tough to get money for staffing in this environment. That is why we all must work hard on supporting this and at approaching … Continue reading “On the Water Board’s Sediment Control Plan”


Check out the satellite picture of the spill – it gets around unfortunately – Don NEW SATELLITE PHOTO OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY SHOWS IMPACTS OF OIL SPILL Unique image released today by conservation groups The new photo shows numerous dark slicks around the Bay itself, as well as on the nearby open ocean, consistent with … Continue reading “PHOTO OF SF BAY SHOWS IMPACTS OF OIL SPILL”