Sonoma County Water and Lake Sonoma

It was envisioned and built to support and encourage regional growth. And 25 years later, there’s plenty of water in Lake Sonoma. The problem is getting it to the Russian River, near Wohler Bridge; taking it out again; and distributing it. A 6/22 PD story said, “The dam created a lake that when filled covers … Continue reading “Sonoma County Water and Lake Sonoma”

Water Catchment Article and Discussion

Hi David & Bob, I totally agree with both of your points. The issues of “watergy” (water & energy – elec pumping and Natural Gas heating) & the benefits to mitigating GHG’s from on-site localized capture, storage and use and in reuse for irrigation of greywater have not been lost in my vernacular with the … Continue reading “Water Catchment Article and Discussion”

County Eyes Water Rules and Cutbacks

by Sandi Hansen INDEX-TRIBUNE June 9, 2008 The battle between water demands for endangered fish and the ongoing needs of urban-water users in the North Bay rages on. Somewhere in between lie the Sonoma County Water Agency and some 600,000 water customers in Sonoma, North Marin and Mendocino counties. This week, Valley of the Moon … Continue reading “County Eyes Water Rules and Cutbacks”

Comments and Article on Governor’s Drought Plan

Since Ag is 80% of total water useage in the State, and domestic use is less than 10%: Out of 100 acre feet supply: A 10% savings on domestic use would yield a one acre foot saving A 20% savings on domestic use would yield a two acre foot saving Where with Ag use: A … Continue reading “Comments and Article on Governor’s Drought Plan”

Letter to Editor Responding to Press Democrat

Hi Alan– Yup, that article (Dryness Triggers Water Worries from Press Democrat) had many distortions! My aim was to get at the "single resource" theme in a few punchy sentences. Wonder if they’ll publish it. Jane I think the numbers they now show indicate only a 8% reduction in use – or – thereabouts Dear … Continue reading “Letter to Editor Responding to Press Democrat”

Discussion on State Conservation of Water Rates

To All, I would like to clarify Brenda’s comments about contractors thinking 10% was too high – I was in the room and I would say that not all contractors said that. But we did express verbally that in general those of us who have really tried to cut back on water use per capita … Continue reading “Discussion on State Conservation of Water Rates”


To All, –Larry 2008 NAPA COUNTY WATERSHED SYMPOSIUM May 22, 2008 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, check-in begins at 8:30 COPIA Napa, CA Hear about issues facing Napa County’s watershed in the past, present, and future! The symposium will feature: 4 presentations about Napa County’s fascinating past, more than 30 local watershed organizations presenting their … Continue reading “2008 NAPA COUNTY WATERSHED SYMPOSIUM”

Applying the ‘Water Framework Directive’ to RR Watershed

I thought you might appreciate this. The DWR has been very supportive of the Russian River Watershed Council, and citing the European “Water Framework Directive” is an interesting approach. Have a wonderful spring weekend, Rue ————— Rue, In case you haven’t seen this, a March 2008 UCB paper on applying the European ‘Water Framework Directive’ … Continue reading “Applying the ‘Water Framework Directive’ to RR Watershed”

Easy steps to Beat Water ‘Crisis’

California has enough water. Surprised? We hear endlessly about the “water crisis.” Politicians like Gov. Schwarzenegger and Sen. Feinstein are pushing to build more dams, at a cost of several billions dollars each. Even the Peripheral Canal has resurfaced as a solution to our crisis. But do we really need to pile on to the … Continue reading “Easy steps to Beat Water ‘Crisis’”