Notes on Appellate Court Anti-Degradation Ruling

November 6, 2012 OPINION IN AGUA et al v. Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Most of you are aware that Coast Action Group, CAG, over the years has invested significant energy pursuing federal and State water law as a means of protecting water and forest based resources. As part of this effort CAG … Continue reading “Notes on Appellate Court Anti-Degradation Ruling”

Action: Fracking Comment Letter

To All, Hi, So we know the copious amounts of methane being released, the carcinogenic chemicals that are being used and the enormous amounts of water being destroyed (that we need for agriculture) and now farcking waste is being shown to be radioactive and some is going to treatment plants that can’t take the radioactivity … Continue reading “Action: Fracking Comment Letter”

Worried About Fluoride Exposure? Protect Yourself with Selenium

Having too much fluoride in the body can lead to a number of serious health conditions including reduced IQ, hastened development of cancer, and enhanced oxidative stress. Recent research indicates that the trace mineral selenium may be effective in minimizing the toxic effects of fluoride and even ushering it out of the body while improving … Continue reading “Worried About Fluoride Exposure? Protect Yourself with Selenium”

Action from CBD on Fracking in California

Fracking, a dangerous and rapidly spreading oil and gas drilling technique, already occurs in California. It poses grave risks to our water, air and wildlife. And with the largest shale oil reserves in the country, our state faces a looming fracking boom.  Fracking emits methane — a highly potent greenhouse gas — and opens up new areas … Continue reading “Action from CBD on Fracking in California”

Civil Rights Leaders Call for Halt to Water Fluoridation

NEW YORK, April 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire Because fluoride can disproportionately harm poor citizens and black families, Atlanta civil rights leaders, Andrew Young and Dr. Gerald Durley, have asked Georgia legislators to repeal the state’s mandatory water fluoridation law, reports Fluoride Action Network (FAN). Andrew Young , former U.N. Ambassador and former Atlanta Mayor, along with … Continue reading “Civil Rights Leaders Call for Halt to Water Fluoridation”