An Assessment of Water in Sonoma County

This op-ed on water was written by Don Bennett, one of the Sonoma County (and former Petaluma) Planning Commissioners. Questions remain about what the Sonoma County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors/Directors of SCWA plan to do about reducing demands, increasing supply, and/or learning to live with what we have while protecting and restoring our … Continue reading “An Assessment of Water in Sonoma County”

“Future of Water in Sonoma County” forum

Hey Water Lovers (that’s everybody)! There’s a “Future of Water in Sonoma County” forum this Wednesday, May 23, sponsored by the SR Democratic Club and Sonoma County DFA.  A panel of knowledgeable speakers will give us the lowdown. I’ve included a contact for the RSVP for dinner, otherwise just show up at 7:30 pm for … Continue reading ““Future of Water in Sonoma County” forum”

Sonoma County Drought a “Disaster”

It’s official folks, Sonoma County’s drought has been designated a “disaster”. HR ————————– Dear Sonoma County Farm Bureau, and Ranchers, Farmers, and Growers: I am writing to make you aware of USDA’s recent disaster designation following the ongoing drought in Sonoma County. The state requested a disaster designation for six California counties, and USDA followed … Continue reading “Sonoma County Drought a “Disaster””

Coastal Commission Goes Live!

Hey Folks, For those who are interested in tracking the workings of the Coastal Commission – have a look at this! Brock Hi All— Following Coastal Commission issues & actions just got easier!!! Beginning with the February 14 meeting in San Diego, all CCC meetings will be broadcast live over the internet. See the attached … Continue reading “Coastal Commission Goes Live!”

Compare Marin County’s Plan to Sonoma County’s

Take a look at how Marin County is addressing these important issues: Marin County is updating its Countywide Plan with the goal of completing the Plan by July 2007. In the next few weeks the Marin County Planning Commission is holding several hearings on parts of the draft Plan. On Monday, February 26, 2007 from … Continue reading “Compare Marin County’s Plan to Sonoma County’s”

Levine’s Water Law Talk from SRFC

Below – is a copy of my presentation at the Salmonid Restoration Federation Conference Bits and pieces of this presentation may be useful to some. COAST ACTION GROUP – P.O. BOX 215 – POINT ARENA, CA 95468 – (707) 542-4408 Presented by Alan Levine California Water Law Can Help Salmon – A Short “How To” … Continue reading “Levine’s Water Law Talk from SRFC”

First Western Forum on Energy & Water Sustainability

Hello Bob Goldstein of EPRI our co-chair has asked me to pass on this information. First Western Forum on Energy & Water Sustainability, at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California Santa Barbara, March 22, 2007. While the focus of the forum will be on the west, there are many issues … Continue reading “First Western Forum on Energy & Water Sustainability”

Supreme Court Rejects CDF Appeal

On December 13, 2006 the California Supreme Court rejected the California Department of Forestry’s appeal of the First District Court of Appeals ruling in the case of Joy Road Area Forest and Watershed Association vs. Harmony Forest & Land Company, LLC and California Department of Forestry. In addition, the Supreme Court rejected a request by … Continue reading “Supreme Court Rejects CDF Appeal”

Water Board’s Scoping Meeting on Streams and Wetlands Protection

Attached is the power point presentation that will be the outlined agenda for the Nov. 30th meeting in Sonoma County. As you know, Districts 1 & 2 have undertaken research to determine if a Basin Plan Amendment would be necessary and if so what it should include to protect water quality in streams and wetlands, … Continue reading “Water Board’s Scoping Meeting on Streams and Wetlands Protection”