Water Board’s Scoping Meeting on Streams and Wetlands Protection

Attached is the power point presentation that will be the outlined agenda for the Nov. 30th meeting in Sonoma County. As you know, Districts 1 & 2 have undertaken research to determine if a Basin Plan Amendment would be necessary and if so what it should include to protect water quality in streams and wetlands, … Continue reading “Water Board’s Scoping Meeting on Streams and Wetlands Protection”

Big Win for Joy Road THP Lawsuit

This case is a blast from the past – and on into the future. “Hey, Hey, My, My, Rock and Roll Will Never Die”. For many years the public and some Review Team Agency have complained that the CDF THP Review policy was did not comply with CEQA mandates. This case supports that position and … Continue reading “Big Win for Joy Road THP Lawsuit”

Victory for Water and Forest Issues

Dear all, The court of appeal has published the Joy Road decision  The Sierra Club filed an amicus with financial help from all of you and more. It is a big, big victory on a number of important issues.  For you, like Helen, who have complained for so long about CDF’s habit of changing the … Continue reading “Victory for Water and Forest Issues”


NEW AND STRONGER KLAMATH RIVER WATER QUALITY STANDARDS APPROVED BY CALIFORNIA On 7 September, after much debate, the California Water Resources Board formally approved new water quality standards (called ³TMDLs,² or ³total maximum daily loads² in Clean Water Act parlance) for the mainstem of the Klamath River. This decision gives final California agency approval to … Continue reading “KLAMATH RIVER WATER QUALITY STANDARDS APPROVED”