Gualala River Logging Plan Suspended by Sonoma County Judge

MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | September 16, 2016, 4:21PM A Sonoma County judge has halted logging operations tied to a disputed timber harvest plan in the Gualala River watershed until a court challenge against the project can be resolved. Superior Court Judge Rene Chouteau granted a preliminary injunction Wednesday, affirming an earlier tentative ruling … Continue reading “Gualala River Logging Plan Suspended by Sonoma County Judge”

Logging for Water

A battle is brewing over whether cutting down trees will increase California’s water supply. By Will Parrish The day after an unseasonal June rain swelled the streams of the northern Sierra Nevada, Marily Woodhouse steered her 2003 Dodge Dakota through 65 miles of winding mountain roads near Mount Lassen. Woodhouse first traversed the area on … Continue reading “Logging for Water”

Last Stands

North Coast timber conflict flares up—again By Will Parrish After an era of relative quiet compared to the so-called timber wars of the 1980s and ’90s, conflict over logging in the forests of Northern California has returned. A plan to log 100- to 150-year-old redwood trees across 320 acres of northwestern Sonoma County in the … Continue reading “Last Stands”

Tree Growth Never Slows

Richard Schultz/Corbis Trees — including California’s giant redwoods — add an increasing amount of mass every year. Many foresters have long assumed that trees gradually lose their vigour as they mature, but a new analysis suggests that the larger a tree gets, the more kilos of carbon it puts on each year. “The trees that … Continue reading “Tree Growth Never Slows”

Cal Fire Oks Redwood Logging, Environmentalists Might Sue

Cal Fire has approved a timber harvest plan known as Dogwood that involves logging century-old redwood trees despite the objections of environmental advocates. The Associated Press SANTA ROSA, Calif. July 5, 2016 Cal Fire has approved the Dogwood plan that involves logging century-old redwood trees despite the objections of environmental advocates. The Press Democrat reports … Continue reading “Cal Fire Oks Redwood Logging, Environmentalists Might Sue”

This Logging Plan called Dogwood

What is left out of the Press Democrat article, “Logging Plan along the Gualala…” are at least two very important facts. One is that there are good rules on the books that disallow companies to log into sensitive floodplains of rivers. However, Gualala Redwoods Timber (GRT) asked for and was granted exemptions to these rules.  … Continue reading “This Logging Plan called Dogwood”

Logging Plan along Gualala River Faces Opposition

MARY CALLAHAN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | May 10, 2016 A disputed plan to log century- old redwoods along the Gualala River is running into stiff opposition from environmentalists who say the days of timber operations near North Coast streams, even on land long used for commercial logging, should be over. Opponents of the proposed timber … Continue reading “Logging Plan along Gualala River Faces Opposition”

The Imazapyr Alliance

by Will Parrish, March 2, 2016 On June 10th, 2015, the Albion-Little River Fire Protection District’s board of directors considered a resolution at a public meeting to prohibit intentionally killing trees and leaving them standing dead. The measure would have effectively barred Mendocino Redwood Company’s (MRC) controversial Hack-and-Squirt technique within the Fire District’s roughly 40-square-mile … Continue reading “The Imazapyr Alliance”

Forest for the Trees

Coastal redwoods battle heats up along the Gualala River BY WILL PARRISH The fight to save majestic coastal redwood groves in California has been waged for more than a century, starting with the campaign that created Big Basin State Park in 1902. In 1978, the Sierra Club dubbed its successful campaign to expand Redwood State … Continue reading “Forest for the Trees”

Push for More Logging Under the Northwest Forest Plan

By Tom Wheeler Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 In the late 1980s, before the Northwest Forest Plan, loggers were pulling 4.5 billion board feet of timber out of federal forests within the range of the forthcoming Plan. This amount was unsustainable, however, and was achieved largely through the liquidation logging of old-growth forests. The Northwest Forest … Continue reading “Push for More Logging Under the Northwest Forest Plan”