Workshop Feedback on Instream Flows

SWRCB Technical Workshop on Draft Policy for Maintaining Instream Flows for Northern California Coastal Streams Feb. 6, 2008 The meeting in Santa Rosa was fully packed (exceeding the meeting room safety limitations), primarily with ranchers and grape growers protesting issuance of new policies for setting and maintaining minimum instream flows and other impacts to their … Continue reading “Workshop Feedback on Instream Flows”

Comment Letter on Mad River Watershed Gravel Mining

Janet Parrish U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 75 Hawthorne Street (WTR-2) San Francisco, CA 94105 Ph: 415-972-3456 Fax: 415-947-3537 Janet Parrish, After reading all available information on the proposed Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for sediment and turbidity in the Mad River watershed and tributaries, we have the following comments. The Voice Family would like to … Continue reading “Comment Letter on Mad River Watershed Gravel Mining”

On the Water Board’s Sediment Control Plan

Daniel: You comments are spot on – and – appreciated. I am copying them to other concerned parties that might make use of them. Thank you. Anderson is correct. It will be tough to get money for staffing in this environment. That is why we all must work hard on supporting this and at approaching … Continue reading “On the Water Board’s Sediment Control Plan”

NC Regional Water Board’s Sediment Plan

The Regional Board has extended the time period for comment to December 14. You now have more time. Read below and down to, including, extension notice from Rebecca Fitzgerald – Regional Water Quality Control Board. Interested Parties – Impaired Rivers – Albion River, Eel River, Elk River Watershed, Estero Americano, Freshwater Creek, Garcia River, Gualala … Continue reading “NC Regional Water Board’s Sediment Plan”

Flyover Images of the Gualala Watershed

FYI…Below are some messages with weblinks of quite the detailed image based resource for folks interested in the Gualala Watershed! Sure would love to see this down for the Russian River Watershed with all it’s tribs!!! Brock Hi Fluvial Folks, The Adelmans ( done a flight up the Gualala River at the request of my … Continue reading “Flyover Images of the Gualala Watershed”