Drought Emergency Ends in California; Here’s What’s Next

Celebrating the end of the drought will be short-lived, as state officials stressed that California continue along its course to improve conservation and efficiency to prepare for future droughts. Written by Tara Lohan Published on Apr. 9, 2017 As Northern California inched closer on Friday to breaking the record for the wettest water year in California’s recorded history, Gov. … Continue reading “Drought Emergency Ends in California; Here’s What’s Next”

Defend the Clean Water Rule–take action here.

On June 27, 2017, the Trump administration officially proposed to dismantle the Clean Water Rule. This would remove protections of the Clean Water Act for half our nation’s streams, which help provide drinking water to 1 in 3 Americans. The proposal is now officially published in the federal register. Comments must be received on or … Continue reading “Defend the Clean Water Rule–take action here.”

Your Caffeine Habit May Be Harming Waterways, Wildlife

Recent testing has found low levels of caffeine, even in relatively remote waterways around the West. Studies show it may be harmful to some wildlife species, but more research is needed. Written by Matt Weiser Published on Jun. 5, 2017 Read time Approx. 5 minutes What would we do without caffeine? Millions of Americans rely … Continue reading “Your Caffeine Habit May Be Harming Waterways, Wildlife”

The Challenge of Measuring Groundwater in California’s Central Valley

A new study estimates that around 9.5 cubic miles of groundwater was pumped from the region during the state’s five-year drought to make up the shortage from surface water supplies. Written by Ian Evans Published on Jun. 2, 2017 Read time Approx. 4 minutes During droughts, groundwater pumping is increased to make up for losses … Continue reading “The Challenge of Measuring Groundwater in California’s Central Valley”

Clean Water Rule Repeal

BACKGROUND ON CLEAN WATER RULE The 2015 Clean Water Rule outlined which bodies of water would be automatically protected by the Clean Water Act. Large bodies like lakes and rivers were listed, but the rule also included streams, ponds and other, smaller features that have important effects on these bigger, “navigable” waterways. Thanks to this rule, … Continue reading “Clean Water Rule Repeal”

Clean Water Rule Repeal Sample Action Letters

Sample Editorial Board Memo To: [INSERT NAME OF PUBLICATION] Date: June 1, 2017 From: [YOUR NAME] [TITLE] [ORGANIZATION] Re: Request for editorial – Repealing the Clean Water Rule puts the drinking water sources for more than 117 million Americans and [NUMBER] of [STATE-IANS] at greater risk of pollution and destruction. The Trump Administration recently began … Continue reading “Clean Water Rule Repeal Sample Action Letters”

New Oversight of Groundwater taking shape in Sonoma County

GUY KOVNER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | June 10, 2017 Groundwater: What you need to know For information on the Sonoma County’s Sustainable Groundwater Management program, click here. For a Department of Water Resources tool that will show if your property is in a groundwater basin, click here. Groundwater basins are California’s largest reservoirs, more than 10 times … Continue reading “New Oversight of Groundwater taking shape in Sonoma County”

Response to Sapping the Well

To All, Paso Robles has been dealing with heavy water issues also as many of you know. National Geographic is filming a great story of their area right now. Financiers/vulture capitalists have been buying up vineyards for the water rights, wine grapes are just the window dressing, and selling it back to the residents. The … Continue reading “Response to Sapping the Well”

Sapping the Well

By Alastair Bland Tyler Heck remembers the summer days that often sent him down the hill from his family’s home off Erland Road and into the cool waters of Van Buren Creek for relief. He remembers diving into the water and swimming, even in July and August. It was the 1980s. Heck, now 32, says … Continue reading “Sapping the Well”

Join “Enhancing Groundwater Recharge with Stormwater” May 30th

To All, Join the California Water Boards for an engaging conversation on “Enhancing Groundwater Recharge with Stormwater” with Andrew T. Fisher, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz. This event will be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 from 130pm to 230pm at 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 (Klamath Room) and via … Continue reading “Join “Enhancing Groundwater Recharge with Stormwater” May 30th”