Comments to Riparian and Wetland Protection Policy Basin Plan Amendment

Included below and attached is: Riparian and Wetland Protection Policy Basin Plan Amendment – Initial Comments by the Coast Action Group This Basin Plan amendment is crucial for riparian protection on north coast rivers. Concerned parties should get involved in the Regional Board Process. This process can eventually provide assurance of the maintenance of the … Continue reading “Comments to Riparian and Wetland Protection Policy Basin Plan Amendment”

Stormwater Issues and Designs

Hi folks concerned and involved with stormwater quality & quantity issues and better development designs. I found the following article in Stormwater Journal very interesting and informative in a more detailed manner. They used a number of different approaches, some for sandy soils, clay soils, slope limited sites where they appropriately elongated out with contour … Continue reading “Stormwater Issues and Designs”

SCWA’s Draft Strategic Plan

Attached is SCWA’s draft Strategic Plan, as of Oct. 2006. It is being reviewed now by the contractors cities/agency council/boards for final adoption by SCWA Bd of Dir. in Feb or early March. Take a look particularly at the Mission, Vision, Value and Policy Statements, as well as the project priority lists. Do advise your … Continue reading “SCWA’s Draft Strategic Plan”

“Paper Water” and OWL Foundation’s Legal Action

[On Rohnert Park’s Water Supply Assessment (WSA) and EIR which is what the WSA is supposed to be based on] Here’s some more background. This EIR was presented to the RP city council the very day before we were supposed to go to court. I asked RP City Council to delay certification until the court … Continue reading ““Paper Water” and OWL Foundation’s Legal Action”

Response to PD Article and Editorial

Dear all – Thanks to you for the excellent article and editorial that begins to address the county’s problems with balancing water supply and demands. Still not answered, however, is the important question of how the Water Agency squares its position on water supply assumptions of the UWMP with the directly contradicting assumptions used in … Continue reading “Response to PD Article and Editorial”

Comment on SCWA’s Water Plan

Wow you gotta love it that after 50+ years as a major metropolitan supplier of water that “This is the first time we have really tried to look at the water-use picture that includes conservation, recycled water, Russian River water and ground water,” said Jay Jasperse, the water agency’s deputy chief engineer. Also, how many … Continue reading “Comment on SCWA’s Water Plan”

Paper Water?

Press Democrat Editorial Jan 9, 2007 Water, water everywhere – and not 35 percent more to drink. This could be the epilogue of Sonoma County’s recently released Urban Water Management Plan which already is attracting its critics for some major assumptions it makes about the future. The report, in brief, states that the county will … Continue reading “Paper Water?”

All dried up

Press Democrat Editorial Jan 14, 2007 Fear of well monitoring is understandable, but now what? No one welcomes intrusions by a government agency, whether that agency is listening to phone calls, opening “suspicious” mail or monitoring groundwater use – as Sonoma County was considering doing. Around 200 people showed up at a Planning Commission meeting … Continue reading “All dried up”