Sonoma County Water Coalition Comments on proposed “Waters of the United States” Definition

The Sonoma County Water Coalition (SCWC) comprises 31 organizations, representing more than 24,000 concerned citizens. SCWC is especially concerned about the preservation of a safe, economical and reliable water supply for all living things. SCWC also works to preserve healthy ecosystems, supports watershed restoration and protection and careful oversight of all public trust resources, including … Continue reading “Sonoma County Water Coalition Comments on proposed “Waters of the United States” Definition”


To All, Don McEnhill, Executive Director of Russian Riverkeeper is a featured interview in: THE RUSSIAN RIVER: ALL RIVERS – THE VALUE OF AN AMERICAN WATERSHED “The time of using greed to justify degrading our environment is over.” “We need to get very honest with the amount of water we have in the worst year. … Continue reading “THE RUSSIAN RIVER: ALL RIVERS Screenings”

Comment on Dam Questions on CA’s Drought

This reporter doesn’t seem to understand that reservoirs lose water through evaporation, particularly when they get low (and thus warmer).  Other problems include methane production, due to decaying vegetation that is always being supplied by the streams flowing into them and by contributions from the reservoir margins.  They trap nutrients that otherwise would support coastal … Continue reading “Comment on Dam Questions on CA’s Drought”

Some Dam Questions about the California Drought

By Robert Green For Southern Californians, the current record-breaking drought means letting the lawn fade to a trendy golden brown and making sure the hose doesn’t water the asphalt while you’re washing your car. It does not mean wondering whether anything will come out of the faucet and, unlike in the drought of 1977, it … Continue reading “Some Dam Questions about the California Drought”

Large Dams Just Aren’t Worth the Cost

J. Leslie/NYTimes THAYER SCUDDER, the world’s leading authority on the impact of dams on poor people, has changed his mind about dams. A frequent consultant on large dam projects, Mr. Scudder held out hope through most of his 58-year career that the poverty relief delivered by a properly constructed and managed dam would outweigh the … Continue reading “Large Dams Just Aren’t Worth the Cost”

Drought Plans

Top Story: Drought Operations Plan for Coming Dry Months Presented by Federal, State Water Managers Framework for Water Delivery Potential, Environmental Protections, and Conserving Water Through 2015 April 9, 2014 SACRAMENTO – Managing California’s scarce water resources in order to protect the state’s economy and environment during one of the worst droughts on record, the … Continue reading “Drought Plans”

Drought, Resilience, & the North Coast Symposium, March 7, Fortuna

Drought, Resilience, & the North Coast River Lodge Conference Center 1800 Riverwalk Drive Fortuna, CA 95540 March 7, 2014, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm The 2014 Eel River Symposium; Drought, Resilience & the North Coast is focused on our current drought and how people can live with increasing climate extremes in ways that leave room … Continue reading “Drought, Resilience, & the North Coast Symposium, March 7, Fortuna”

Drought and CEQA

To All: As I’m sure most if not all of you are aware, Governor Brown recently made his drought emergency declaration. While there are many positive aspects of the declaration – raising awareness of the drought, added pressure for reduced water usage, release of funds to address the drought, etc. – there are also some … Continue reading “Drought and CEQA”

King Tides a Preview of Coming Sea Rise

John Laird December 24, 2013 Sea levels off the California coast will rise up to 2 feet by 2050 and up to 5.5 feet by 2100, scientific research suggests. Already, sea levels have risen in San Francisco by 8 inches over the past century. The highest tides of the year – dubbed King Tides – … Continue reading “King Tides a Preview of Coming Sea Rise”

California on Course for Driest Year on Record

Peter Fimrite November 10, 2013 Thirsty California may get a smidgen of rain this coming week, but it is not likely to change what, so far, has been the driest calendar year in recorded history. No rain at all fell in San Francisco in October and only 3.95 inches has fallen since Jan. 1, the … Continue reading “California on Course for Driest Year on Record”