Urgent Action on EPA Stormwater-Send by Monday, May 16

Dear Partners for Clean Water, As partners in a statewide effort to secure protections for polluted waterways, we ask for your help in letting U.S. EPA know that Californians support strong federal leadership on reducing storm water pollution and restoring the health of polluted lakes, rivers, streams, estuaries and coastal waters. In November 2010, EPA … Continue reading “Urgent Action on EPA Stormwater-Send by Monday, May 16”

Rovics’ New Song on Fracking (Natural Gas Mining)

Hi folks, Hope you’re not tired of hearing from me, but when I make a new song I figure it’s worth sending out to everybody… This one is an evil practice known as hydraulic fracturing, which is ruining lives, land and water (not to mention a lot of private property) throughout the US and Canada, … Continue reading “Rovics’ New Song on Fracking (Natural Gas Mining)”

The Fossil Fuel Connection

TEDX The Endocrine Disruption Exchange September, 2010 Extracting, processing, and burning fossil fuels (natural gas, oil and coal) introduces huge volumes of harmful chemicals into our environment. These chemicals, and the tens of thousands of chemical products synthesized from them, are now present in every environment on earth, including the womb. Extremely low concentrations of … Continue reading “The Fossil Fuel Connection”

Water All Around … Or is There?

Betsey Piette September 10, 2010 Much of the focus on the rapid expansion of natural gas extraction through hydrofracturing, or “fracking,” has centered on methane leaks and chemical contamination of residential water wells. In Dimock, Pa., more than 15 residents sued Cabot Oil and Gas Corp., charging permanent damage to their wells. However, another concern … Continue reading “Water All Around … Or is There?”

Chemicals in Natural Gas Operations

TDX, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange As natural gas production rapidly increases across the U.S., its associated pollution has reached the stage where it is contaminating essential life support systems – water, air, and soil – and causing harm to the health of humans, wildlife, domestic animals, and vegetation. This project was designed to explore the … Continue reading “Chemicals in Natural Gas Operations”

Caucus on Oil, Mining and Gas (OMG) Water Pollution

To All, Clean Water Network’s next big regional caucus, “Oil, Mining and Gas (OMG) Water Pollution in the Lower Mississippi River Basin”, is right around the corner!  This caucus is scheduled for September 15-16, 2010, and will take place in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the Holiday Inn Presidential, 600 Interstate 30, Little Rock, AR 72202 … Continue reading “Caucus on Oil, Mining and Gas (OMG) Water Pollution”