New Pharmaceutical Screening Technique

The scientific community – Prescription drugs are wreaking havoc on the environment and a solution to this problem must be found Plato – “Necessity is the Mother of invention” Swedish researchers – Eureka! We may have found a solution! ACS Publications – June 2008 A new screening technique from researchers in Sweden compares genomes from … Continue reading “New Pharmaceutical Screening Technique”

3rd Annual Spring-run Chinook Symposium

Hello, SRF has two exciting events this summer: the 3rd Annual Spring-run Chinook Symposium and the 11th Annual Coho Confab. I have pasted our event announcements below. Please feel free – even encouraged! – to share these PSAs with your co-workers, constituents, list-serves, Events calendars, or other organizations you think might find these events useful … Continue reading “3rd Annual Spring-run Chinook Symposium”

Judge blocks spraying in Monterey Peninsula

May 12, 2008 Associated Press A judge ruled Monday that aerial spraying to eradicate an invasive moth in Monterey County may not go forward in populated areas without a full environmental review. Superior Court Judge Robert A. O’Farrell ruled that state officials had not demonstrated there is an emergency that warrants immediate spraying on the … Continue reading “Judge blocks spraying in Monterey Peninsula”

Watching U.S. Waters—Permit Required for Aerial Spraying

Agencies participating in the current and anticipated aerial spraying of chemicals to get rid of the light brown apple moth over eleven California Counties were placed on Notice Monday that such activities will affect the nation’s waters thereby requiring oversight by regulatory agencies whose duty it is to protect the nation’s waters from pollution. Bob … Continue reading “Watching U.S. Waters—Permit Required for Aerial Spraying”


To All, –Larry 2008 NAPA COUNTY WATERSHED SYMPOSIUM May 22, 2008 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, check-in begins at 8:30 COPIA Napa, CA Hear about issues facing Napa County’s watershed in the past, present, and future! The symposium will feature: 4 presentations about Napa County’s fascinating past, more than 30 local watershed organizations presenting their … Continue reading “2008 NAPA COUNTY WATERSHED SYMPOSIUM”

Assessing site specific and cumulative impacts on anadromous fishery resources

Stream Flow Folks: For thought and discussion: In my stream flow file I found a document, NMFS/James R. Bybee to Mr. Harry Schueller/SWRCB, dated April 18, 2001 (my how the years fly by – the SWRCB should have a copy of this letter and it should be included in the record). This letter, by NMFS, … Continue reading “Assessing site specific and cumulative impacts on anadromous fishery resources”

On Low Salmon Returns

To All, On my note (included below) to groups and individuals on the subject of low salmon returns I was properly reminded by my friend Brian Hines that the conditions for these low returns, as presented by me, failed to account for poor ocean conditions and potential global warming effects. It is true. All of … Continue reading “On Low Salmon Returns”

France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides

Regarding pesticides that get into our water systems: France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides I’ve got the lists of what is used locally and went to article link but found no lists, if anyone finds the France list please pass it along and we can compare! -Don Tom: It would be interesting to know which … Continue reading “France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides”