Fight for Felta

Residents battle proposed logging plan near Felta Creek By Tom Gogola A Humboldt County businessman appears poised to get the green light from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) to log most of a forested 160-acre Healdsburg parcel crossed by Felta Creek. Felta Creek is a tributary of the Russian River and … Continue reading “Fight for Felta”

Health of California’s Streams, Rivers, and Lakes

To All, Are our streams and rivers healthy?  Below is a link to a government site that gives general and specific information on this subject with links to specific databases on California’s streams. Larry

Clean Water Rule Repeal

BACKGROUND ON CLEAN WATER RULE The 2015 Clean Water Rule outlined which bodies of water would be automatically protected by the Clean Water Act. Large bodies like lakes and rivers were listed, but the rule also included streams, ponds and other, smaller features that have important effects on these bigger, “navigable” waterways. Thanks to this rule, … Continue reading “Clean Water Rule Repeal”

Clean Water Rule Repeal Sample Action Letters

Sample Editorial Board Memo To: [INSERT NAME OF PUBLICATION] Date: June 1, 2017 From: [YOUR NAME] [TITLE] [ORGANIZATION] Re: Request for editorial – Repealing the Clean Water Rule puts the drinking water sources for more than 117 million Americans and [NUMBER] of [STATE-IANS] at greater risk of pollution and destruction. The Trump Administration recently began … Continue reading “Clean Water Rule Repeal Sample Action Letters”

In Napa Valley, Vineyards and Conservationists Battle for the Hills

The steady expansion of vineyards in California’s premier wine-growing region is moving uphill into oak and other woodlands and is adversely affecting fish and wildlife. Other wine areas, from Oregon’s Willamette Valley to Mendoza in Argentina, are facing similar issues. By Alastair Bland • May 11, 2017 Kellie Anderson stands in the understory of a … Continue reading “In Napa Valley, Vineyards and Conservationists Battle for the Hills”

My Comments Regarding Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Threat

To All, I submitted these comments using the link provided in the previous posting on the threat to the Cascasde-Siskiyou National Monument. In this time of Climate Change (many scientists would characterize this as Climate Crises and Global crises), we need to protect forests for its watersheds, fish, and air quality. This benefits agriculture and … Continue reading “My Comments Regarding Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Threat”

Russian River Estuary/Low Flow Meeting, May 15, Monte Rio

Hi River Lovers! There is a very important meeting this Monday night (May 15th) on the Estuary Project at the Monte Rio Community Center from 6 pm to 7:30.  Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) will give updates on their studies.  Supervisor Hopkins will also be there and the meeting will include time for public comment.  … Continue reading “Russian River Estuary/Low Flow Meeting, May 15, Monte Rio”

Delta Doozy: Delta Water Won’t Meet CWA Standards Post-Waterfix

25 January 2017 Discussions about California water supplies have too often become fact-free discourses that fail to advance an informed discussion. The State Water Contractors’ “Delta Doozy” series was launched in order to distinguish the facts from the fiction and promote constructive dialogue. Today’s Doozy comes in response to Restore the Delta’s statement regarding Governor … Continue reading “Delta Doozy: Delta Water Won’t Meet CWA Standards Post-Waterfix”

Headwaters of Smith River Protected

Message from KS Wild Cheers to wild rivers! Today, we are extremely excited to announce that Public Land Order 7859 was signed by Obama officials protecting the headwaters of the Smith and Illinois Rivers and Hunter Creek for 20 years from the threat of industrial strip mining! We could not have done it without your outstanding support by … Continue reading “Headwaters of Smith River Protected”

Emerging wastewater contaminant metformin causes intersex and reduced fecundity in fish

Nicholas J. Niemuth, Rebecca D. Klaper Highlights Fish were exposed to metformin at concentrations relevant to wastewater effluent. Exposure from early life stages to adulthood caused intersex in male fish. Exposure caused a reduction in fecundity and in overall size of male fish. Results suggest that metformin is a potential endocrine disruptor in the environment. … Continue reading “Emerging wastewater contaminant metformin causes intersex and reduced fecundity in fish”