Information on Coho Decline in Marin

Some info on Coho decline in Marin and beyond as an FYI… Hey Coho Concerned folks, I thought that the note below from Paola Bouley of SPAWN is of interest relative to their historical monitoring of Coho and this years apparent dismal returns. I wonder about the Olema & Pine Gulch Creeks? I wonder about … Continue reading “Information on Coho Decline in Marin”

Workshop Feedback on Instream Flows

SWRCB Technical Workshop on Draft Policy for Maintaining Instream Flows for Northern California Coastal Streams Feb. 6, 2008 The meeting in Santa Rosa was fully packed (exceeding the meeting room safety limitations), primarily with ranchers and grape growers protesting issuance of new policies for setting and maintaining minimum instream flows and other impacts to their … Continue reading “Workshop Feedback on Instream Flows”

Response to P.D.’s Article on State’s Water Flow Policy

Hey Endangered Fishworriers, I have not seen the printed paper as of yet, did the print version come out with “Fishworry” as one word and no punctuation as titled in the online version below?? Gotta love it when a new moniker is coined– I say Unite Endangered Fishworry Warriors! No Water in da Crick – … Continue reading “Response to P.D.’s Article on State’s Water Flow Policy”

Definitions of Streams from Instream Flow Policy

John – I am somewhat aware of the proposed instream flow policy (others in the office are participating more closely). This policy should not affect the definitions of ephemeral/perennial in our Basin Plan onsite policy. We are aware that the Basin Plan definitions are unique and intended to represent a conservative approach to stream protection … Continue reading “Definitions of Streams from Instream Flow Policy”

France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides

Regarding pesticides that get into our water systems: France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides I’ve got the lists of what is used locally and went to article link but found no lists, if anyone finds the France list please pass it along and we can compare! -Don Tom: It would be interesting to know which … Continue reading “France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides”

Where have all the coho gone?

Mark Prado 02/05/2008 Salmon return to Marin as rainfall fills Lagunitas and San Geronimo… (IJ archive/Robert Tong) FEWER endangered coho salmon are spawning in Marin this season than at any time in the past dozen years – and biologists don’t know why. What concerns fish watchers is that this year should have been a prime … Continue reading “Where have all the coho gone?”

State Policy to Maintain Instream Flows

State Policy to Maintain Instream Flows – now open for comment – The comment period has been extended to May 1st. I have been working on comment. There still is a long way to go. This extension probably means that the diverters have been raising hell. Steam Classification – as part of this policy has … Continue reading “State Policy to Maintain Instream Flows”


NEW AND STRONGER KLAMATH RIVER WATER QUALITY STANDARDS APPROVED BY CALIFORNIA On 7 September, after much debate, the California Water Resources Board formally approved new water quality standards (called ³TMDLs,² or ³total maximum daily loads² in Clean Water Act parlance) for the mainstem of the Klamath River. This decision gives final California agency approval to … Continue reading “KLAMATH RIVER WATER QUALITY STANDARDS APPROVED”