Santa Rosa NPDES Permit Appeal and Letter by RW and CAG

See attached appeal by River Watch and Coast Action Group and letter pasted below to Santa Rosa City Council from Coast Action: Dear City Council Members: The City of Santa Rosa has filed an appeal to their new Wastewater NPDES permit. As stated previously, I think this is a mistake as the permit was quite … Continue reading “Santa Rosa NPDES Permit Appeal and Letter by RW and CAG”

Santa Rosa Water and Population

Daisy Pistey-Lyhne – Greenbelt Alliance wrote: Thought you all might be interested in reading about a recent meeting between Concerned Citizens for Santa Rosa, and Dick Dowd of the Board of Public Utilities. He mentioned some info given to him by Brenda Adelman. From: Anne Seeley, Concerned Citizens for Santa Rosa Our guest today was … Continue reading “Santa Rosa Water and Population”

Preserving Clean Water by Preserving Open Space

Jane’s letter to the PD: Dear Editors, I loved the Yes on F mailer, target of Chris Coursey’s politically-based critique. In the past, preserving clean water resources may have been seen as just a side benefit of preserving undeveloped lands for parks, resource conservation, and agricultural land preservation–but I challenge Mr. Coursey to name a … Continue reading “Preserving Clean Water by Preserving Open Space”

RRWRC Suing Sonoma County Water Agency

Hi Water Friends: Russian River Watershed Protection Committee (RRWPC) would like to announce that we have hired Shute, Mihaly, & Weinberger to assist us in opposing one of the most egregious CEQA violations that we have ever seen. The Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA), as operators and managers of the Russian River County Sanitation District … Continue reading “RRWRC Suing Sonoma County Water Agency”

Public Comment on 303 (d) Listings for Northcoast Waters

The public is invited to comment on the proposed 2006 Clean Water Act section 303(d) list of water quality limited segments. The revised list and supporting documents are posted at: Public comments will be accepted until October 20, 2006 (5 PM). The State Water Board will consider approval of the list on October 25, … Continue reading “Public Comment on 303 (d) Listings for Northcoast Waters”

City of Santa Rosa NPDES Outcome

The Regional Board Staff – Charles Reed, John Short, and sheryl Shaffner did a very good job of presenting and defending their proposed permit. Doug Eberhardt (EPA) and Mike Lozeau did a excellent job representing issues and limitations related to the permit. The NPDES was adopted by the Board, in total, and then ameded with … Continue reading “City of Santa Rosa NPDES Outcome”

Big Win for Joy Road THP Lawsuit

This case is a blast from the past – and on into the future. “Hey, Hey, My, My, Rock and Roll Will Never Die”. For many years the public and some Review Team Agency have complained that the CDF THP Review policy was did not comply with CEQA mandates. This case supports that position and … Continue reading “Big Win for Joy Road THP Lawsuit”

Victory for Water and Forest Issues

Dear all, The court of appeal has published the Joy Road decision¬† The Sierra Club filed an amicus with financial help from all of you and more. It is a big, big victory on a number of important issues.¬† For you, like Helen, who have complained for so long about CDF’s habit of changing the … Continue reading “Victory for Water and Forest Issues”