Discussion on Trace Pollutants in Our Water System

Katy; Once the stuff enters the wastestream the only way to remove it is with modern a modern plant. But You are also correct that everyone should  reduce the so-called point source of pollution. We will probably need serious legislation for this to happen on a large scale but many contaminants can be kept out of … Continue reading “Discussion on Trace Pollutants in Our Water System”

Dry Creek Water Pact Overturned

Here’s more information on the Dry Creek wastewater ruling: Judge’s ruling cites need for environmental impact study of pumping limits By BLEYS W. ROSE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT A Sonoma County judge’s decision last week in an obscure and arcane lawsuit dealing with Dry Creek water pumping rights is bringing back into focus a decade-old dispute … Continue reading “Dry Creek Water Pact Overturned”

Scott Creek Impairment Listing Upheld

Good job maintaining that listing! Thanks! — Previous message – below: Gang, The State F&G Commission has rejected the petition. We were well represented by Richard, Tom, Zeke, and Dave Hope. Dave’s comments were from the heart reflecting his many, many years of work in Santa Cruz to help those Coho. The Commission made a … Continue reading “Scott Creek Impairment Listing Upheld”

25th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference

Hello, The 25th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference is taking place March 7-10 at the Wells Fargo Arts Center in Santa Rosa, California. We are very excited about the exceptional quality of the tours, workshops and presentations being offered that will reflect the progress made in the fisheries restoration field over the last quarter century, as … Continue reading “25th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference”

Steelhead Celebration

EVENT: Steelhead Month Celebration The BOS unanimously approved a resolution dedicating February as Steelhead Month. We hope you’ll join in the celebration. Sharon Marchetti and Don McEnhill Russian Riverkeeper staf The Salmonid Restoration Federation will hold the 25th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference at the Wells Fargo Arts Center in Santa Rosa, California, March 7-10, 2007. … Continue reading “Steelhead Celebration”

Counterintuitive Toxicity: Increasingly, scientists are finding that they can’t predict a poison’s low-dose effects

Janet Raloff 2007; Vol. 171, No. 3 For decades, researchers largely assumed that a poison’s effects increase as the dose rises and diminish as it falls. However, scientists are increasingly documenting unexpected effects—sometimes disproportionately adverse, sometimes beneficial—at extremely low doses of radiation and toxic chemicals.

California Supreme Court on CEQA Compliance

FYI: California Supreme Court Weighs In Once Again on CEQA Compliance Have a great week, Rue Excerpt: By William W. Abbott & Janell M. Bogue Vineyard Area Citizens for Responsible Growth, Inc. v. City of Rancho Cordova (February 1, 2007, S132972) __ Cal.4th __ [2007 Cal.Lexis 748] Few CEQA cases reach the California Supreme Court. … Continue reading “California Supreme Court on CEQA Compliance”

Agricultural Footprint — Big And Getting Bigger

There are surprisingly large hidden costs to hot dogs, burgers, milk, and other animal products, finds a new report entitled Livestock’s Long Shadow. Prepared by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome, the report notes that animal agriculture is the second or third biggest contributor to “the most serious environmental problems, at every … Continue reading “Agricultural Footprint — Big And Getting Bigger”

EPA Considering Not Regulating Drinking Water

Dear Brock, I share your indignation. EPA abandoned its responsibility for clean ground water at least 10 years ago and retreated to well head treatment as a strategy. They are now abandoning that position and handing off their responsibility to the private for profit sector. We know the Republican Bush agenda has always been to … Continue reading “EPA Considering Not Regulating Drinking Water”