Letter Critical of Sonoma County’s General Plan Update Process

To: Greg Carr Cc: Supervisor Mike Reilly; Sonoma County Planning Commission; Sonoma Wildlife; Bob Gaiser Subject: GP2020 Biotic Resource Revisions and Regrets Greg- After spending all those long hours with you and others at the Riparian Corridors/Biological Habitat Subcommittee meetings for the purpose of developing policy recommendations for GP2020, you can guess how utterly dismayed … Continue reading “Letter Critical of Sonoma County’s General Plan Update Process”

On SWRCB’s Enforcement Workshop June 19th

Greetings all, I’m writing to second David Keller’s request that we write and attend the upcoming SWRCB meetings this month.  My focus here is on the meeting on June 19th – the workshop to receive policy direction on Water Right Enforcement.  The Notice on this meeting states the their are currently 500 pending water rights … Continue reading “On SWRCB’s Enforcement Workshop June 19th”

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, June 2

Here is an upcoming symposium for bringing out the potential in environmental activism. “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” Symposium A one-day symposium presented by community volunteers • Come together with a like-hearted empowered community. • Understand how simple yet profound changes to the dream of the modern industrial world will change our future for … Continue reading “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, June 2”

California Public Records Act

Ok this is a tool you should all be familiar with and comfortable using. Below is a posting to a link to help reporters and the public get to the public’s records: http://www.cfac.org/content/index.php/cfac-records/index/ In quest for records, preparation is best weapon — The basic premise of the California public records act is that it forces … Continue reading “California Public Records Act”

Endangered Species Day Activity

Reminder that tomorrow (Fri May 18th) is Endangered Species Day! The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution supporting Endangered Species Day, a national celebration of American’s commitment to  protecting and recovering our nation’s endangered species.In solidarity with groups across the nation working to protect and restore endangered species, SPAWNers will gather to take local action … Continue reading “Endangered Species Day Activity”

US Premature Births Linked To Increase In Pesticide

Would be interesting to look at health statisitcs in Marin, San Francisco and Sonoma County watersheds for any correlations. Tom Yarish  wtyarish@sbcglobal.net US Premature Births Linked To Increase In Pesticides And Nitrates In Water Main Category: Pediatrics / Children’s Health News Article Date: 09 May 2007 – 5:00 PDT America’s increased use of pesticides and … Continue reading “US Premature Births Linked To Increase In Pesticide”

Discussion on Trace Pollutants in Our Water System

Katy; Once the stuff enters the wastestream the only way to remove it is with modern a modern plant. But You are also correct that everyone should  reduce the so-called point source of pollution. We will probably need serious legislation for this to happen on a large scale but many contaminants can be kept out of … Continue reading “Discussion on Trace Pollutants in Our Water System”

Dry Creek Water Pact Overturned

Here’s more information on the Dry Creek wastewater ruling: Judge’s ruling cites need for environmental impact study of pumping limits By BLEYS W. ROSE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT A Sonoma County judge’s decision last week in an obscure and arcane lawsuit dealing with Dry Creek water pumping rights is bringing back into focus a decade-old dispute … Continue reading “Dry Creek Water Pact Overturned”