EPA Watershed Planning Web Page

Nothing brand new, but wanted to remind you all that this EPA Watershed Planning web page exists. You may just want to check it out, or bookmark it. http://www.epa.gov/owow/nps/watershed_handbook/ Suzanne Marr US EPA, Region 9 (WTR-3) 75 Hawthorne Street San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 972-3468 marr.suzanne@epa.gov

Action Asked on Attack on CA Environmental Laws

Planning and Conservation League Insider: News from the Capitol – Special Edition SURPRISE ATTACK ON CALIFORNIA’S ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS! We’ve just gotten news that a group of California business leaders have petitioned Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders to break our best environmental laws. They’re demanding that the Legislature rip a hole in the California Environmental Quality … Continue reading “Action Asked on Attack on CA Environmental Laws”

Community Day at Riverkeeper Stewardship Park

Hi, I thought you would be interested in a special event, Community Day at Riverkeeper Stewardship Park. The flyer is attached and shown below. Please share this flyer, post it and publish it. To learn more about the Riverkeeper and the Park visit the website If you have questions you can reach me by return … Continue reading “Community Day at Riverkeeper Stewardship Park”

The Birds and the Bees – The Case for Resilience

By Chip Ward (Note: The concept of resiliency in nature applies to our north coast region’s approach to water systems and so is featured in this week’s main topic.) Resilience. You may not have heard much about it, but brace yourself. You’re going to hear that word a lot in the future. It is what … Continue reading “The Birds and the Bees – The Case for Resilience”

10th Annual Coho Confab

August 17-19, 2007 in Petrolia, CA on the North Coast The 10th Annual Coho Confab will be held in the beautiful Mattole Valley on the North Coast of California. This landmark event is sponsored by Salmonid Restoration Federation, Trees Foundation, Sanctuary Forest, Mattole Restoration Council, and the Mattole Salmon Group. This year’s Confab will feature … Continue reading “10th Annual Coho Confab”

California Streams Seminar – July 23rd

For your interest, CALIFORNIA STREAMS SEMINAR – JULY 23RD Relative to the GP2020 update issues and Riparian setbacks, etc., this may be of interest to some to get more ³scientific² data to battle the eco-illiterate hoards pitching Private Poverty at the expense of Public Commonwealth. Not that scientifically, we really need more data about the … Continue reading “California Streams Seminar – July 23rd”

Letter Critical of Sonoma County’s General Plan Update Process

To: Greg Carr Cc: Supervisor Mike Reilly; Sonoma County Planning Commission; Sonoma Wildlife; Bob Gaiser Subject: GP2020 Biotic Resource Revisions and Regrets Greg- After spending all those long hours with you and others at the Riparian Corridors/Biological Habitat Subcommittee meetings for the purpose of developing policy recommendations for GP2020, you can guess how utterly dismayed … Continue reading “Letter Critical of Sonoma County’s General Plan Update Process”

On SWRCB’s Enforcement Workshop June 19th

Greetings all, I’m writing to second David Keller’s request that we write and attend the upcoming SWRCB meetings this month.  My focus here is on the meeting on June 19th – the workshop to receive policy direction on Water Right Enforcement.  The Notice on this meeting states the their are currently 500 pending water rights … Continue reading “On SWRCB’s Enforcement Workshop June 19th”

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, June 2

Here is an upcoming symposium for bringing out the potential in environmental activism. “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” Symposium A one-day symposium presented by community volunteers • Come together with a like-hearted empowered community. • Understand how simple yet profound changes to the dream of the modern industrial world will change our future for … Continue reading “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, June 2”