California Supreme Court on CEQA Compliance

FYI: California Supreme Court Weighs In Once Again on CEQA Compliance Have a great week, Rue Excerpt: By William W. Abbott & Janell M. Bogue Vineyard Area Citizens for Responsible Growth, Inc. v. City of Rancho Cordova (February 1, 2007, S132972) __ Cal.4th __ [2007 Cal.Lexis 748] Few CEQA cases reach the California Supreme Court. … Continue reading “California Supreme Court on CEQA Compliance”

Agricultural Footprint — Big And Getting Bigger

There are surprisingly large hidden costs to hot dogs, burgers, milk, and other animal products, finds a new report entitled Livestock’s Long Shadow. Prepared by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome, the report notes that animal agriculture is the second or third biggest contributor to “the most serious environmental problems, at every … Continue reading “Agricultural Footprint — Big And Getting Bigger”

EPA Considering Not Regulating Drinking Water

Dear Brock, I share your indignation. EPA abandoned its responsibility for clean ground water at least 10 years ago and retreated to well head treatment as a strategy. They are now abandoning that position and handing off their responsibility to the private for profit sector. We know the Republican Bush agenda has always been to … Continue reading “EPA Considering Not Regulating Drinking Water”

Watershed Planning: A Workshop on Developing and Implementing Plans To Improve Water Quality

Watershed Planning: A Workshop on Developing and Implementing Plans To Improve Water Quality January 24-25, 2007 Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center Berkeley Marina 200 Marina Boulevard Berkeley, California 94710 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 office in San Francisco is sponsoring a workshop for federal, state, tribal, and local representatives to promote the development … Continue reading “Watershed Planning: A Workshop on Developing and Implementing Plans To Improve Water Quality”

In Memory of Kurt Erickson

Kurt Erickson, a long time environmental activist in Sonoma County, passed away recently. Kurt was a founding member of the Salmon Creek Watershed Council and worked many long and hard hours for the watershed. He organized watershed days and attended countless meetings. And always wore a smile. Kurt worked hard for the creation and continued … Continue reading “In Memory of Kurt Erickson”

Water is the New Oil

Roma Luciw November 27, 2006 The colossal cost of fixing crumbling water infrastructure in the developed world has opened the door to government privatization. Water delivery systems in the industrial world are in “dire need” of repair, says a report released Monday by CIBC World Markets Inc. At least one-fifth of America’s municipal wastewater treatment … Continue reading “Water is the New Oil”

Identifying A New Generation Of Byproducts From Water Disinfection

Source: American Chemical Society California scientists have identified a “new generation” of by-products of the disinfection processes used to purify drinking water at municipal water treatment plants. Such compounds, which wind up in drinking water, are termed disinfection byproducts (DBPs). The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency currently regulates some as potential health risks. Stuart W. … Continue reading “Identifying A New Generation Of Byproducts From Water Disinfection”

Stream Protection Resources

Caitlin, Here are some stream protection resources you requested. I had a hard time narrowing things down, some of this you probably have, but I hope they’re useful. POLICY EPA model ordinance language with issues and examples. SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board survey and paper on riparian ordinances and issues surrounding … Continue reading “Stream Protection Resources”

SCWA Responds to SR’s Wastewater Discharges

This draft letter from SCWA by Randy Poole to the City of Santa Rosa is fascinating. Stephen September 25, 2006 Pat Fruiht, City Manager’s Office City of Santa Rosa P.O. Box 1678 Santa Rosa, CA 95402-1678 Re: Discharge Compliance Project Dear Ms. Fruiht, The Sonoma County Water Agency (Agency) has reviewed the Initial Study, Notice … Continue reading “SCWA Responds to SR’s Wastewater Discharges”

What? Business Considers Sustainability?

In case any of you missed this in the PD: Ben Stone, coordinator of the county’s Economic Development Board, said his office would convene a private industry task force to translate the meaning of “sustainability” for individual businesses. “It challenges our assumptions that there will always be water when we turn on the tap,” Stone … Continue reading “What? Business Considers Sustainability?”