Identifying A New Generation Of Byproducts From Water Disinfection

Source: American Chemical Society California scientists have identified a “new generation” of by-products of the disinfection processes used to purify drinking water at municipal water treatment plants. Such compounds, which wind up in drinking water, are termed disinfection byproducts (DBPs). The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency currently regulates some as potential health risks. Stuart W. … Continue reading “Identifying A New Generation Of Byproducts From Water Disinfection”

Stream Protection Resources

Caitlin, Here are some stream protection resources you requested. I had a hard time narrowing things down, some of this you probably have, but I hope they’re useful. POLICY EPA model ordinance language with issues and examples. SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board survey and paper on riparian ordinances and issues surrounding … Continue reading “Stream Protection Resources”

SCWA Responds to SR’s Wastewater Discharges

This draft letter from SCWA by Randy Poole to the City of Santa Rosa is fascinating. Stephen September 25, 2006 Pat Fruiht, City Manager’s Office City of Santa Rosa P.O. Box 1678 Santa Rosa, CA 95402-1678 Re: Discharge Compliance Project Dear Ms. Fruiht, The Sonoma County Water Agency (Agency) has reviewed the Initial Study, Notice … Continue reading “SCWA Responds to SR’s Wastewater Discharges”

What? Business Considers Sustainability?

In case any of you missed this in the PD: Ben Stone, coordinator of the county’s Economic Development Board, said his office would convene a private industry task force to translate the meaning of “sustainability” for individual businesses. “It challenges our assumptions that there will always be water when we turn on the tap,” Stone … Continue reading “What? Business Considers Sustainability?”

Comment Letter on Laguna’s 303 (d) Listing

Nancy Kay Webb Attorney at Law 126 Steiner Court, Santa Rosa, CA, 95404 September 21, 2006 Craig J. Wilson, Chief Water Quality Assessment Unit Division of Water Quality State Water Resources Control Board P.O. Box 100 Sacramento, CA 95812-0100 SUBJECT: 2004 Clean Water Act Section 303(d) List Laguna de Santa Rosa Phosphorus & Nitrogen Dear … Continue reading “Comment Letter on Laguna’s 303 (d) Listing”

Santa Rosa Water Management Comments

Santa Rosa Creek (and tribs) is a mess. The waterbody is listed as impaired for pathogens, temperature, sediment, nutrients, etc.. Not much is going on, in the case of the City, in terms of restoration and/or protect beneficial uses by limiting pollutant inputs. This problem exacerbates conditions on the Laguna – which intern compromises with … Continue reading “Santa Rosa Water Management Comments”

SR Urban Water Reuse Project Update

In case you did not see this summary (by Anne Seeley) of Santa Rosa’s BPU UWRP meeting on Tuesday, .. and there was an interesting follow up that I’ve included below. Rue —————————- The Santa Rosa City Council study session today was billed as an update on the Urban Reuse alternative of the Incremental Recycled … Continue reading “SR Urban Water Reuse Project Update”

North Coast Regional Water Board Meeting

Meeting of Water Board and Public Forum When: Wednesday, August 9, 2006, 8:30 am Where: Regional Water Board, 5550 Skylane Blvd, Suite A, Santa Rosa CA AGENDA Consent Item: Bohemian Grove–Issuance of Wastewater Discharge Requirements for Treatment Facility. Action Items: 1. Proposed WDRs for Willits Environmental Remediation Trust and the City of Willits Page Property … Continue reading “North Coast Regional Water Board Meeting”

State Supreme Court Rules Counties Must Protect Coasts

by Steven Stein – THE GARDEN ISLAND City and county governments have a responsibility to protect coastal waters, the Hawai Supreme Court has ruled. In a 60-page unanimous decision issued Friday, the court delighted state environmental groups by requiring city and county governments to take an active role in coastal water regulation. “This is a … Continue reading “State Supreme Court Rules Counties Must Protect Coasts”