North Coast Regional Water Board Meeting

Meeting of Water Board and Public Forum When: Wednesday, August 9, 2006, 8:30 am Where: Regional Water Board, 5550 Skylane Blvd, Suite A, Santa Rosa CA AGENDA Consent Item: Bohemian Grove–Issuance of Wastewater Discharge Requirements for Treatment Facility. Action Items: 1. Proposed WDRs for Willits Environmental Remediation Trust and the City of Willits Page Property … Continue reading “North Coast Regional Water Board Meeting”

State Supreme Court Rules Counties Must Protect Coasts

by Steven Stein – THE GARDEN ISLAND City and county governments have a responsibility to protect coastal waters, the Hawai Supreme Court has ruled. In a 60-page unanimous decision issued Friday, the court delighted state environmental groups by requiring city and county governments to take an active role in coastal water regulation. “This is a … Continue reading “State Supreme Court Rules Counties Must Protect Coasts”

Anderson’s Conflict of Interest on the Regional Water Board

Hi everyone: For many months I have been receiving information from Alan Levine about the serious conflict of interest issue with Regional Board appointees. The law clearly states that appointees should not receive more than 10% of their income from NPDES permit holders either directly or indirectly. About six appointees have lost their seats in … Continue reading “Anderson’s Conflict of Interest on the Regional Water Board”

Anderson’s Appointment to the Regional Water Board

This battle continues: In a message dated 6/23/2006 8:36:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes: Below and Attached is a letter regarding the appointment of Bob Anderson to the Regional Board and related issues of conflict of interest arising out of Mr. Anderson’s employment – with Cc:’s Read the letter and think about how Mr. … Continue reading “Anderson’s Appointment to the Regional Water Board”

Water Capacity Charges for New Development

Dear Council and Staff: First, I wish to congratulate you on your decision to address water supply for our new General Plan buildout through the use of dramatically increased water conservation and efficiency, and through the extensive use of recycled treated wastewater for irrigation to replace existing potable water demands. We greatly appreciate these efforts. … Continue reading “Water Capacity Charges for New Development”

Supreme Court Delivers a Muddy Decision on Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

June 20, 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Melinda Kassen, 303-579-5453 Steve Moyer, 703-284-9406 Supreme Court Delivers a Muddy Decision on Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Arlington, Va. – Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court rendered a confusing decision that may expose thousands of miles of streams to harmful activities. The Court reversed a lower court ruling that … Continue reading “Supreme Court Delivers a Muddy Decision on Clean Water Act Jurisdiction”

Ruling Favors Rivers Over Power Dams

The Supreme Court says states may protect the waterways by requiring a steady flow at hydroelectric plants, which tend to harness it. By David G. Savage, Times Staff Writer May 16, 2006 WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court sided with the environment over electric power Monday, ruling that state regulators may require a steady flow of … Continue reading “Ruling Favors Rivers Over Power Dams”

Use Permit Limiting Extraction of Groundwater Was Not a Taking

A conditional use permit limiting a landowner’s right to use groundwater underlying his property was not a compensable taking. Allegretti & Company v. Imperial County, Case No. D045156 (April 26, 2006). Imperial County issued a conditional use permit allowing Allegretti to re-drill an inactive well on a 2,400-acre parcel subject to the condition that total … Continue reading “Use Permit Limiting Extraction of Groundwater Was Not a Taking”