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I find some hope for the future of our planet in the emergence of millions of unconnected environmental and social movements. The leaderless Anarchy of this mass phenomenon and its macro scale means that its cells will not be centrally controlled or turned aside by profit motives. It seems to be a genuine grass roots response to the global threat which our planet faces. —Paul Hawken «

“Fix it in your constitution that no corporation, no body of men, no capital can get possession and right to your waters. Hold the waters in the hands of the people.”

John Wesley Powell 1890 North Dakota Constitutional Convention

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Ducks swimming on algae bloom at Spring Lake in Santa Rosa, CA

Toilets? Cannabis grows? Rising temps? We looked into theories and history behind the Bay Area algae bloom

Questions swirl as carcasses rot at Lake Merritt and beyond. We talked to experts and explored 100 years of local fish-kills. by Natalie Orenstein and  Darwin BondGrahamSeptember 2, 2022 Scientists are hard at work trying to home in on the cause—or likely causes—of the algae bloom that’s led to mass death for marine life. Credit: Amir Aziz “Mystery epidemic kills […]


GMO Mosquitoes: The Deception Drinking Game

What do GMO mosquitoes, GMO apples and GMO salmon have in common? One guy. Who happens to be a billionaire. Catch “GMO Mosquitoes: The Deception Drinking Game” on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/qHq3PjM-Cx4 This episode of Fork the System is part 1 of 2 in a series on the issue of GMO mosquitoes. How did a […]

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Mapping Groundwater for Sustaining Water Supply

SmartWaterMagazine.com reports that as climate change increases extreme weather events, such as megadroughts, groundwater management is key for sustaining water supply. But current monitoring tools are either costly or insufficient for deeper aquifers, limiting our ability to monitor and practice sustainable management. Now, a new paper bridges seismology and hydrology with an application that uses seismometers […]

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The Ins and Outs of the Inflation Reduction Act

What is the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)?The IRA bill is a massive $740 billion piece of legislation, funded primarily through increased corporate income taxes, to address issues like the national deficit, tackling the rising costs of prescription drugs, and shoring up the Internal Revenue Service’s enforcement capacity. It also provides Medicare with the ability to […]