Alert Call-in for SB 416 on Antibiotics

Today is a statewide Call-In Day of Action to support SB 416!  
Can you call your state senator?

Call Your Senator today and ask for a YES vote on SB 416!

Thanks to activists like you, SB 416, legislation that would ban the practice of using important human antibiotics in livestock and poultry, passed out of the appropriations committee and is headed to the senate floor for a vote.  This is no small feat in light of significant industry opposition and we have you to thank for helping us to move the bill this far.  Can you make a quick call to your senator and ask for a YES vote on SB 416?

By prohibiting livestock and poultry producers from feeding antibiotics to healthy animals, S.B.416 would reduce the large amounts of antibiotics and harmful bacteria that enter our waterways and groundwater via factory farm run-off and sludge.   The opponents of this bill are powerful so we need your help.  We cannot afford to compromise the quality and safety of our food and water supplies by allowing the inappropriate use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry.  Can you call your Senator today to ask him or her to vote in favor of SB 416?

Today we are inviting thousands of Californians to take 30 seconds to make a call to their senators.  The bill has to pass out of the entire senate by June 5th so the sooner you make the call, the better the guarantee that your voice will be heard in time.  We need you to call your Senator today to tell them you support SB 416!

Thanks for taking action,

Noelle and the California Team
Food & Water Watch

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