Court Rules Marin County’s Protections for Endangered Coho Salmon Inadequate

Endangered coho salmon spawn in Marin County's Lagunitas Watershed.
Endangered coho salmon spawn in Marin County’s Lagunitas Watershed.

The Marin County Superior Court ruled that the county in Northern California failed to adequately protect coho salmon and their habitat in the San Geronimo Valley. Marin County originally planned to adopt a streamside conservation ordinance to preserve vegetation, maintain water quality and prevent erosion in 2007 when it last updated its countywide plan. But 12 years later, the measure has still not materialized, in violation of the California Environmental Quality Act. The lawsuit was brought by SPAWN and Center for Biological Diversity. “Salmon continue to disappear while the county fails to provide adequate protection, and 14 years later we are still begging for relief,” said Executive Director Todd Steiner. “We are ready to sit down with the county today and construct that commonsense ordinance.”