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River Watch was formed by a group of concerned citizens. Citizens concerned about a government more interested in accommodating corporations, unchecked growth, indiscriminate use of pesticides, excessive public work projects, and pollution at the expense of the public. Concerned that agencies responsible for enforcing environmental laws were more interested in accommodating than enforcing. River Watch does not make money from lawsuits. When possible River Watch is reimbursed for its reasonable expenses. All other settlement funds go either to other groups or back into the community in the form of projects.

River Watch believes in enforcement through cooperation rather than litigation. Litigation is a waste of resources but necessary when reason alone will not bring about compliance. River Watch offered Crescent City an opportunity to avoid suit by entering into an agreement that would preserve the parties rights without the need to file suit. To that end River Watch sent to Crescent City an agreement River Watch had entered into with the City of Fort Bragg. This agreement was written by Fort Bragg’s attorney Rick Jarvis (510-351-4300) of Meyers/Nave a law firm specializing in representing municipalities. A copy of the agreement along with letters offering to enter into a similar agreement with Crescent City will be furnished upon request. Crescent City refused to enter into this agreement forcing River Watch to file suit in order to preserve that right of its members. River Watch believes Crescent City is seeking an expensive and blotted public works project which will cost the rate payer millions upon millions dollars unnecessarily. While Crescent City seeks approval and funding for this project, the pollution continues to flow. Crescent City probably welcomes River Watch’s suit so it can distract the public from the real problems.