Help Defend the Listing of Coho Salmon

I am asking for monetary support to help defend the listing of Coho salmon as Endangered under the California Endangered Species Act.

Recently a trial court spurned a legal challenge to the listing of Coho salmon as endangered under the California Endangered Species Act – CESA..

The CESA listing for Coho is important and provides enforceable language to support land use and water use activity for recovery of the species (See Coho Recovery Guidelines at the DFG website). Actions include language for stream protection, water use and diversion, and some logging regs.

Ag and timber interests have chosen to appeal the lower court decision and challenge the listing in the State Court of Appeals. See message, below, from CalTrout – litigation lead.

Defending our position will cost money. I would like to raise $2,000 to add to the $5,000 to $7,000 already committed – with a total goal of about $10,000.

Please help support our position(and our rivers and fish) in the courts with a donation.

Please write a check to CalTrout for $50, $100, or more. Identify your check for “Coho defense”.

Please send checks to me – or – CalTrout at addresses noted below in this e-mail.

If you mail a check directly to CalTrout, please let me know so I can keep track of funds and checks.

Thank You!

The appeal for the coho litigation has been filed (see the attached notice).

The most notable things are:
1) CFA et al. (the petitioners and plaintiffs) are now represented by Pacific Legal Foundation
2) California Chamber of Commerce, Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce and Save our Scott and Shasta Valleys, Inc. are not listed on the appeal as petitioners and plaintiffs
3) The petitioners and plaintiffs have elected to proceed without using the trial courts record (reporter’s transcript or clerk’s transcript) but rather by creating their own by appendix
4) The petitioners and plaintiffs opening brief is due no later than 70 days (12/20/06) from this notice of appeal, and ours is due within 30 days after theirs (1/19/07)
5) My understanding is that if we win on appeal and it is published the case will then be precedent setting

We will need to raise additional funds to meet this challenge and might also want some organizations/groups to file Amicus Briefs.

Please let me know who is willing to assist in this effort. We have far too much invested to discontinue with this important effort to protect fish and watersheds.

Best wishes,

Thomas J. Weseloh
Northcoast Manager, California Trout
1976 Archer Rd.
McKinleyville, CA 95519
707 839-1056 phone
707 839-1054 fax

Alan Levine
Coast Action Group