SR’s Water and Wastewater Plans

Water Watchers:

I’ve been extremely busy with my faire, which will thankfully be over in ten days, and I’ve neglected to keep you all posted on today’s very important BPU meeting (Thurs. At 1:30 starting in Mayor’s Conference Room and then moving to City Council Chambers). Of course it cannot be a coincidence that the BPU is discussing four major new documents in one meeting right before a major holiday. (Perhaps the recent election has something to do with this. Could they be ramming all their projects through before new BPU members are appointed?)

They will be talking about recommended storage sites for their irrigation program, their Draft Screening Report for “discharge compliance” (ie, river discharge, which, by the way, is not being pursued to accommodate new growth, they say), their new Water Master Plan and Wastewater Master Plan. I have obtained most of the documents (the latter two cost $235) but have had no time to read much as yet.

I believe there will be formal action on these at their Dec. 5th meeting. The following projects have been recommended to be dropped from further consideration from their “Discharge Compliance Project”:

Direct discharge site D2. This is the Windsor site just upstream of SCWA Wohler facilities and River Front Park. (near Windsor River Rd.) The other direct discharge sites (Forestville, Healdsburg, and Alexander Valley) will continue to be studied.

Indirect discharge will also be dropped along with the “No discharge, 100% reuse project”.

BPU packets are on their website, or if you come to the meeting, they have hard copies of their agenda materials available. Also, you can download the Screening Report from their website.


PS: Board of Supervisors will consider the new Urban Water Management Plan on Dec. 5th at their meeting in the AM.