Santa Rosa Stormwater NPDES Permit

On SR Stormwater NPDES permit…we just met with city and county on
their recent annual report see –NPDES Permit Annual Report.
The county and city public works are making fair progress towards NPDES permit goals, which includes enforcement authority given to city via the permit. The place where everything breaks down is construction sites that are overseen and supposedly enforced by Community Development who did not show up at the meeting mentioned above – not a priority? The huge problem with the NPDES permit is the lack of effective enforcement by CD on construction sites which pour sediment into the creeks every time it rains.
See the response I got from CD on the highest turbidy reading we have ever
seen on the Russian River at Montage development on San Miguel Rd. Words
like “which could be employed” do not give me confidence that this
sediment pollution will not be repeated. When a site has the watershed
record for turbidity it seems that a violation notice would be in order?

I do not feel certain that having the building department police builders makes sense, as the relationship is very cozy. Public works would be more impartial to buidlers but of course the city has signaled repeatedly they are not interested in SW enforcement on builders. When the SR environmental crimes detective tried to issue notices on Fountaingrove builders four years ago he found himself in front of Police Chief, City council & BPU members getting reamed for his outrageous actions!!

Good Morning Don,

Thank you for your pictures and interest with our Storm Water Program.
The information we receive from our public customers and interested
groups such as yours is what helps us in developing the program.

We have talked to the contractor on this project and discussed measures
which could be employed to avoid a reoccurrence of this issue.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Al Musetti
Development Review Coordinator