Discussion on Laguna

Dear all –

Likewise, I agree with Alan and Carolyn Dixon about the trends for the Laguna, and all waterways and bodies in the county. The cumulative losses are large, and are substantially unaccounted for in the SoCo General Plan DEIR and GP. We do indeed need to have significant comments on the GP and DEIR (recirculated???) or FEIR regarding the lack of an objective and measurable set of restoration and protection goals for our waterways and their respective wildlife, fisheries and plant communities. I don’t think that a Santa Rosa-led EIR process for the Laguna will be sufficient.

I do believe that the General Plan and CEQA review of it is a good way to uplevel the discussion, bringing in the science and mandatory policies to prevent future losses to the Laguna in particular, but well beyond that as well, and in fact, set a trajectory to restoration as well as preservation. Without an overview in the General Plan, each component can be piecemealed to death. It’s the same wasted opportunity as is now happening with riparian corridors.

Thanks Rue for posting the LTE.

David Keller
Bay Area Director
Friends of the Eel River