March 6th GP 2020 Meeting Agenda

The Sonoma County Planning Commission is scheduled to hear a staff report
and to begin deliberations on the following items in the Board of
Supervisors’ chambers next Tuesday, March 6th at 6:00 PM:

Land Use Element: Four policy revisions from the PC meeting of Feb 13th.
All were issues requiring additional review by County Counsels office.

Water Resources Element: Revised policies regarding groundwater per
Commission direction from the
meeting of January 11th.

Open Space and Resource Conservation Element: Staff will report on revised
policies on biotic and riparian resources per Commission direction last
year. Then the Commission will begin the process of deliberation on the
actual language. This is usually done section by section  sometimes
sentence at a time.

I have not received my staff report as yet so I do not know what staff is
recommending. They should be available tomorrow since they are to be
delivered to the Commissioners this evening.

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