Coastal Commission Goes Live!

Hey Folks,
For those who are interested in tracking the workings of the Coastal Commission – have a look at this!

Hi All—

Following Coastal Commission issues & actions just got easier!!!

Beginning with the February 14 meeting in San Diego, all CCC meetings will be broadcast live over the internet. See the attached press release for details.

This is a pilot project, which means we got finding for I year only. Future funding depends on how this is received by the public. So, in addition to tuning in yourselves, it would be greatly appreciated if you would pass the information along to your membership via your newsletters or e-alerts, and/or any enviro e-mail listserves you belong to.

The Commission is very gratified to be able to extend this public service to the greater community. We hope you find it useful, and that it becomes an effective tool to increase public awareness, education, and most of all, engagement!!!


Sarah Christie
Legislative Director
California Coastal Commission
(916) 445-6067