L.A. Water Conservation Story

How about re-running this SJ Mercury News article in the PD? It’s an object lesson for Sonoma County Water Agency and it customers, as well as the rest of the cities and water districts, which still aren’t meeting LA standards for zero increment in water demands.

LA’s been doing it for 25 years! (Along with EBMUD, MMWD and other agencies.) And that’s even without the additional efficiencies and offsets on potable water demands that Peter Gleick suggests, and as Ned Orrett has been suggesting here.

Petaluma’s on this track now, but it’s really past time for the rest of the users to get on board. This might even be a fair trade for the “low flow” Russian River regime put upon the lower river users and residents, and a real promise of how to manage our vital but scarce water and fisheries resources for the next 150 years.

Instead, we’re still getting ratcheted up demands for yet more water from the Russian and Eel Rivers and our groundwater, with no end in sight – until they all are overdrawn.

Thanks! David