Waterboard’s Mandate for Water Agency Water Conservation

Well I have just finished reading the order, and like in 2004 we won half a loaf, but it may be better than that.

The SWCRB mandated that SCWA make “a 15% reduction in diversions from the Russian River to its service from July 1 until October 28, 2007.”
Mandated minimum flows at the Hacienda Bridge remain at 85cfs for the time being.

The SWRCB will monitor the order and change as conditions warrant. That means flows could increase if diversion is successful.

We have discovered that daily flows fluctuate with a low point at roughly noon. SCWA is ordered to submit a plan that will reduce the fluctuations.

SCWA is ordered to prepare a water quality monitoring plan to determine that effects of the change order on water quality

The flows must be returned to 125cfs when 200 chinook have migrated upstream.

Note that the ordered reduction is not in use but in diversions. This is optimal from our point of view. With the diversion reductions and reduction of the daily fluctuations, we may see flows significantly better than 85cfs – we should know by mid July.

Thanks to everybody who helped in this effort.