SWRCB’s Order for Water Agency’s Mandatory Conservation

Attached are the Order for minimum streamflows and mandatory conservation from SWRCB issued yesterday 6/13/07, and the press release from SCWA announcing the mandatory conservation. http://www.scwa.ca.gov/documents/ORDERWR2007-0021.pdf

The SWRCB order (see page 9) requires, among other things, that SCWA provide plans to SWRCB

14 (b) Identification of Russian River water users who are not subject to SCWA’s authority
to impose mandatory water conservation measures.

14 (c) Steps that SCWA will take to investigate the waste, unreasonable use, unreasonable
method of use, or unreasonable method of diversion of water from the Russian River.
SCWA shall submit monthly reports to the State Water Board on its progress.

David Keller