Important Water Meeting on 15% Reductions and Conservation Effort

WAC Technical Advisory Committee Meeting July 2 Monday 9am
Just how much is each water contractor reducing their demands on the
SCWA Russian River Project for water? A number of cities are already
saying they’ve hit or exceeded 15% reductions from 2004 river
diversions, and seem to be saying they don’t have to do more. Will this
meet the State Water Resources Control Board’s order for 15% reductions
in diversions from the Russian River?

What is SCWA’s analysis of who has done what, and what still needs to be

Find out at the Water contractors’ [Water Advisory Committee] Technical
Advisory Committee Meeting
Monday, 9am, July 2; Laguna Treatment Plant, Santa Rosa
Agenda below.

Are cities saying that they can get what they need from groundwater
wells instead of the river or demand reductions from their customers?
What happens to groundwater overdrafts in this scenario? What happens to
demands upstream of SCWA’s service area? Are we seeing voluntary
reductions from the various Mendocino County water agencies and
districts? From Ukiah? From grapegrowers and other agricultural

PGE’s response to SCWA’s requests for greater coordination and
information sharing regarding Eel River diversions through the Potter
Valley Project are also on the table. Is there still some belief that
they can get more water from the Eel River, or is there finally an
acknowledgement that Eel River diversions will stay the same or be
reduced? [see attached docs]

How is all the reduced Russian River diversion program affecting new
growth in the contractors’ cities? Will there be a reduction in long
term demands, as Petaluma is doing?

This is a public meeting: come witness, listen and ask questions of the
representatives of all the contracting cities to the WAC.

David Keller
/Bay Area Director
Friends of the Eel River
Petaluma, CA /

*Water Advisory Committee (WAC)*


Monday: July 2, 2007
Laguna Treatment Plant
4300 Llano Road, Santa Rosa, CA

9:00 a.m. (Estuary / Wetlands Conference Room)

1. Check In

2. Public Comment

3. Follow up from June 4th TAC meeting

4. Recap of June 5^th SWRCB Workshop and Order WR 2007-0022

a. SCWA Response to Ordered Reduced Diversions

b. Contractor Conservation/Local Supply/RW Efforts

5. Water Conservation Subcommittee

a. Sonoma/Marin Partnership Feedback

b. Funding Allocation Options

6. Biological Opinion Update

7. Update on PG&E’s PVP

8. Water Project Subcommittee

a. Temporary Impairment MOU

9. SCWA Assistant GM Solicitation

10. WAC Brochure
11. Items for next agenda
12. Check Ou