Supes Meeting on West County Irrigation Project

Tuesday’s Board Meeting, July 10, (10 AM Board of Supervisor’s Chambers in Santa Rosa) on the Russian River County Sanitation District irrigation project would be a great opportunity to use as a bully pulpit and give them hell about this whole pipeline/wastewater/outrageous cost issue. They need to see a bunch of concerned citizens on Tuesday. I need help getting the word out. Can any of you connect with people on your lists and let them know it is very important to get a bunch of people to this meeting? (Even if you sent out notices before, would you send again?)

Reminder: Guerneville needs a small amount of summer irrigation for their treatment system. There are adequate opportunities in Guerneville to provide the small amount of area needed. There is no serious option in the EIR to do this. What they are giving us is a 32 mile pipeline to irrigate grapes that will get built on an “as-needed” basis. (Grapes use far less water than redwoods, so much more acreage is needed.) There are no potential users identified and there is no cost analysis for the proposed project. The sky’s the limit!!! The Environmental Impact Report is totally inadequate! This whole project is crazy and the EIR is the worst I have seen in 28 years of doing this work.

Please come and encourage people to come even if they don’t intend to speak.