California Streams Seminar – July 23rd

For your interest,

Relative to the GP2020 update issues and Riparian setbacks, etc., this may be of interest to some to get more ³scientific² data to battle the eco-illiterate hoards pitching Private Poverty at the expense of Public Commonwealth. Not that scientifically, we really need more data about the value of stream corridor health and its multi-functionality to society, but as we see most of our policy issues often have little to do with science but rather emotional selfish fear mongering  so maybe showing up with more data based emotional backing is worth while??? Got me…?

This is an event that may be of interest to many of you, and it’s FREE !! The seminar information is from the UC Davis Extension — be sure to click on their Web site (see below) for the flyer and additional information. This is being held in Sacramento, so let us know if you’re interested in car pooling. Please call Linda at 263-4180 x16, and leave a message.

Mark Your Calendar for this Free Event

Water Board Academy Speaker Series – California Streams Seminar

The Water Board Academy is hosting a free speaker series that includes five stream experts who will present current research about stream concerns and stream improvement possibilities in California . The seminar will explore the relationships among stream hydrology, hydrogeomorphology, and riparian and aquatic ecology, in the context of stream corridor stability and stream restoration efforts.