10th Annual Coho Confab

Salmonid Restoration Federation is happy to announce that the 10th Annual Coho Confab will return to the site of the first Coho Confab in the beautiful Mattole River watershed. We are proud to be co-hosting this event along with Trees Foundation, Sanctuary Forest, Mattole Restoration Council and Mattole Salmon Group.

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“The 10th Annual Coho Confab will be held near Petrolia, California, August 17-19, 2007 at A-Way Campground on the Mattole River and at the Mattole Grange. For more information, please see www.calsalmon.org or call the Salmonid Restoration Federation at 707-923-7501.”

10th Annual Coho Confab August 17-19, 2007 in Petrolia, CA on the North Coast

Salmonid Restoration Federation, Trees Foundation, Mattole Restoration Council, Mattole Salmon Group and Sanctuary Forest will sponsor the 10th annual Coho Confab August 17-19, 2007 in Petrolia on the North Coast of California. The Confab is a symposium to explore watershed restoration and learn techniques to enhance recovery of salmon and steelhead.

Workshops include underwater fish identification, water flow monitoring, conservation easements and stories and songs of salmon. Field tours include site visits from the headwaters to the estuary of the Mattole watershed.

The Confab brings together community members, landowners, activists, scientists, and restoration ecologists for a weekend of innovative skills-building workshops, hands-on tours of restoration projects, community networking, and fun.

To learn more about this year’s Confab or to inquire about scholarship opportunities, please visit www.calsalmon.org or call SRF at (707) 923-7501.


10th Annual Coho Confab August 17-19, 2007 in Petrolia, CA on the North Coast

The 10th Annual Coho Confab will be held in the beautiful Mattole Valley on the North Coast of California. This landmark event is sponsored by Salmonid Restoration Federation, Trees Foundation, Sanctuary Forest, Mattole Restoration Council, and the Mattole Salmon Group. This year’s Confab will feature restoration tours highlighting sudden oak death, road decommissioning, the Mattole Canyon Creek Delta restoration, installing in-stream structures, and a tour to the headwaters of the Mattole addressing water conservation, sediment reduction, conservation easements, and acquisitions. Other field tours will visit Wild and Working Lands sites, in-stream structures in the lower Mattole to the Estuary, and Mill Creek. Workshops will focus on underwater fish identification, riparian invertebrate monitoring- stream health assessment, and high-tech water quality monitoring. Open forums and resource workshops will include stories and songs of salmon with author of Totem Salmon, Freeman House, singer-songwriter Joanne Rand, co-author of Salmon Nation, Seth Zuckerman, and David Simpson and Jane Lapiner of the theatrical troupe, Human Nature. Saturday night will culminate with a wild salmon feast, a cabaret, and the Joanne Rand band. The Sunday morning workshops include riparian tree planting, flow monitoring in the Mattole, and “how to build a successful watershed group.”

The cost of the Confab is sliding-scale $100-125 and includes all food and camping sites. Alternative lodging facilities are available. Limited scholarships and work trade positions are available.

For more information about the Confab, please contact the SRF at (707) 923-7501 or visit our website: www.calsalmon.org or contact Trees Foundation (707) 923-4377 or go to www.treesfoundation.org.

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