Flyover Images of the Gualala Watershed

FYI…Below are some messages with weblinks of quite the detailed image based resource for folks interested in the Gualala Watershed! Sure would love to see this down for the Russian River Watershed with all it’s tribs!!!

Hi Fluvial Folks,

The Adelmans ( done a flight up the Gualala River at the request of my friend Jamie Hall. Ken Adelman took a sequence of 500 high resolution overlapping shots of the Gualala right down to its estuary, doing the photography just like he has done for the coast. I am sure he has lat lon data for each shot. He shoots from an angle out the helicopter door I understand. The images just went up at Friends of the Gualala. What a way to envision the main stem of a watershed. I think you could see a coho in the high res, but thatmight be expecting too much. See below. Thought you would be interested.


Hi All
Check out our recent helicopter flight in the Gualala River at under Gravel Mining in the Gualala River also you should download Google Earth to view the photos superimposed on the large scale aerial view of the watershed as well as other issues, logging, vineyards , etc. that ultimately lead to the ocean which we areall working hard to protect.

Thanks, Jamie Hall