Anomaly in SCWA’s Water Table?

Dear folks –

As we crunch the Conservation numbers as supplied, several questions come up:

1 – Were the numbers provided for the actual period of conservation that was mandated by SWRCB, ie, July 1 thru Oct. 28, 2007?  Or were they compiled from January 1, 2007.  Likewise, was the 2004 comparison year data also for Jan 1 – Oct 28, 2004, or only during the July 1 – Oct. 28, 2004 period?  The table is unclear on this. The numbers suggest that the chart does cover the July thru Oct periods, but it is not clear.  See #2:

2 – There is a serious anomaly in the Russian River diversion statistics versus the letter that was sent by the WAC to the Bd of Supervisors/Directors SCWA in August, which in part states:

“Term 13 of the Water Board’s order requires the Agency to reduce diversions from the Russian River by 15% during the months of July through October 2007, as compared to the Agency’s diversions during the same period in 2004. The Agency diverted 26,475 acre-feet during July through October 2004, and to comply with the Water Board order, the Agency’s transmission system is restricted to diverting 22,503 acre-feet during July through October 2007. The water contractors have initiated several steps to assist the Agency in accomplishing this reduction, and as of July 30, 2007, Russian River diversions have been reduced by 16.6%.  …..”

“I am writing this to convey the Water Advisory Committee’s unanimous decision to
voluntarily undertake to restrict the water contractors’ collective take from the Agency’s
transmission system to be no more than 22,503 acre-feet during July through October 2007 to assist the Agency in meeting Term 13 of the Water Board’s order.”

HOWEVER, the Table of water use provided this week shows these two Russian River diversion numbers as:

– July? thru Oct. 2004:  28,013 af
– July? thru Oct. 2007:  23,574 af