Basin Plan Amendment on Sediment for Review

The Regional Boards Sediment Work Plan – Basin Plan Amendment is now out for review.

Actions are included to address issue on impaired waterbodies on the north coast that are subject to EPA TMDLs, but are not subject to related implementation planning.

Actions are cataloged and referenced to each specific waterbody. It might be prudent to review such actions suggested by the work plan for the waterbody(s) of your specific concern.

You might make comment on enforceability of actions, time period to implementation, likelyhood of implementation given Regional Board staffing and time lines.

This action needs to be reviewed and commented on – by Nov 28th. I have fallen behind. I will try and get something out – early next week.

This plan is 243 pages long. Links are noticed – below.

Alan Levine

To: Interested Parties for Sediment TMDL Implementation Issues:

The Work Plan to Control Excess Sediment in Sediment-Impaired Watersheds (the Work Plan) is now available for public review.

If possible, your comments are requested by Wednesday, November 28, 2007. On December 6, 2007, the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board will consider Resolution No. R1-2007-0095, directing staff to execute the sediment control tasks described in the Work Plan. Click here for the agenda for the December 6th Board Meeting in Eureka.

If you have any questions or comments on the Work Plan, please contact me at 707-576-2650 or


Rebecca Fitzgerald
Environmental Scientist

North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
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Santa Rosa, California 95404
fax 523-0135