S.C. GP Deliberations Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2:15 pm

Hello all-

This Tuesday is the beginning of the end of the Sonoma County General
Plan! Please come out to remind the Supervisors that they are being watched!
Tuesday, January 15th at 2:15, in the Board of Supervisors chambers,
575 Administration Blvd in Santa Rosa

On December 11, the Board of Supervisors began their deliberations on
the County General Plan with non-controversial issue areas. They
passed all of the staff recommendations on straw votes of 4-1 (Kelley
was absent).

On Tuesday, the Board will meet again to begin diving into the most
important issues facing our county in the next 20 years: climate
change, water supply availability and cleanliness, protection of
farmlands and open space from development, and many other issues.
Greenbelt Alliance and our coalition partners have actively
petitioned the Board throughout the entire six-year process in order
to see strong policies put into place to protect the quality of life
in Sonoma County. On January 15, we will have the chance to see
whether the Board will make the right decisions for our future.

Please come and remind the Board who their decisions will affect!
See you there,

Daisy Pistey-Lyhne

Sonoma-Marin Field Representative
Greenbelt Alliance
555 5th Street, Ste. 300B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 575-3661
fax: (707) 575-4275