France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides

Regarding pesticides that get into our water systems:

France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides

I’ve got the lists of what is used locally and went to article link but
found no lists, if anyone finds the France list please pass it along and
we can compare!



It would be interesting to know which of these are being used in the
Russian River watershed. A list would make a good website sidebar.



France scraps licenses for 1,500 pesticides

France will ban the sale of more than 1,500 pesticides from
February 1 as part of a larger plan to cut by 50 percent the use
of phytosanitary products in the next 10 years, the farm ministry

“Michel Barnier, minister for agriculture and fisheries, has
announced the cancellation, before February 1, of marketing
licenses for products containing 30 substances considered as the
most worrying,” it said in a statement released late on Tuesday.

“These substances are contained in more than 1,500 commercial
phytosanitary products,” it added.

The ministry was not immediately able to provide the names of the
companies producing these pesticides.

France aims gradually to end the use of 53 phytosanitary
substances, of which 30 this year, in its fields.

The sale of stocks of the pesticides will be authorized until the
end of April and farmers may use them until the end of the year,
except for products made of carbendazime, molinate and dinocap,
for which alternative solutions should be available for the 2009 crop.