Coho Decline in Marin and Beyond

Hey Coho Concerned folks,

I thought that the note below from Paola Bouley of SPAWN is of interest relative to their historical monitoring of Coho and this years apparent dismal returns. I wonder about the Olema & Pine Gulch Creeks? I wonder about Santa Cruz’s Scott Creek? The coastal watersheds to the north? Is this year-class decline CA range wide for coho?

Lots being said about the Central Valley Chinook run, although I missed this mornings KQED forum show. See below.

I have not officially heard from the UC folks doing the redd/spawner surveys in the Russian River tribs., but from what informally I have heard no Coho were found in Dutch Bill this year either- Dutch Bill had the only single wild year class left in the whole basin that appears to have come back in very low numbers over that past decade+ or so.

Boo Hoo for Coho and salmonids overall – Sad!!!??? Brock

Paola wrote:
Lagunitas Watershed coho data is also about to be released, and right now we are looking at a 72% decline in the coho run as compared to 3 years ago (when these salmon returning this year were spawned in winter of 2004/05). On Redwood Creek (Muir Woods) not one coho salmon was observed this year, and we potentially have lost a whole year-class on that creek. This has been a dire year for salmon. More info to come soon…

Paola Bouley, M.S. Watershed Biologist Salmon Protection and Watershed Network

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