Water, Power, and Politics with Dr. Andy Roth

To All,

Monday, March 3: Water, Power, and Politics, with Dr. Andy Roth.

Water is essential to life. Humans depend on it for circulation, digestion, metabolism, and muscle movements. In dry climates, control over water is also one basic source of political power. How has the relationship between water and power shaped human life in California? Dr. Andy Roth will address this question by considering three different modes of water control, and their social consequences for California’s history. This comparative, historical perspective helps us better respond to current dilemmas regarding water use here in Sonoma County. Dr. Roth is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University where he teaches classes in environmental sociology, sociological theory, language & society, sociology of religion, and documentary film. Free. Refreshments provided. 7 p.m., Stony Point Room, Ray Miller Community Center, 216 E. School St., (behind Cotati City Hall).

From Jenny Blaker