Instream Flow – AB 2121

Instream Flow – AB 2121 – Interested Parties

As you know this policy is out for comment. The comment period has been extended to May 1

CAG is working in comments – this is tedious as the policy is long, complex, and frought with issue. It will be several weeks before CAG gets any product out. There is time.

CAG is joining with others (EPIC, Sierra Club?, and other groups) to hire Patrick Higgins to do expert testimony – which would include other limiting factors related to flows – including aggredation and sedimentation effects not considered by the policy.

Patrick is currently studying the peer reviews – which are good. See message from Pat, below – with link to the peer review file.

You can find the Band report in that file.

You might want to look at some of this stuff.

Hi Alan,

You sent me NMFS/CDFG Central Coast Guidelines (which I have), but I was hoping you were in possession of Moyle and Kondolf paper weighing in on policy options. Do you have that?

Attached is the Dr. Lawrence Band peer review paper, which really dials how diversions act synergistically.

See for more peer review papers. I recommend Lang, Gearheart and McMahon.