Sample Letter on How to Protect Water Resources

Here is a sample letter from Coast Action Group to our governor regarding how he can implement leadership that will make a difference protecting our water resources


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Schwartzenegger:

This salmon fishery has been closed down before it started and you have declared an emergency. You have also stated that water (clean water) is the future of California.

Your current budget proposal eliminates the necessary funding to support California’s clean water programs. These programs are absolutely necessary to protect and recover California’s water resources – including the salmon fishery.

Yes! There is a connection between the funding of the State’s clean water programs and fisheries. Salmon and public health and safety issues are dependent on good water quality. Water quality is directly related to water quantity.

The economic savings from supporting State water quality programs more than offsets the cost of these programs.

Water is our future. We are counting on the fact that you can recognize this fact and assure that funding remains in place for California’s clean water programs.

For Coast Action Group
Alan Levine